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So I´ve heard that you were looking for information about the history of philosophy and you didn´t know which way to look? Where, if that´s the case then I´m happy to tell you that your search is over. Just take my humble advice on this one and answer me only this question: Do you like Socrates? Well, of course you do, and if you do, then you will love this site. Just take a few minutes of your day and pay a short visit to

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This site presents us with Jim Rohn, a business philosopher that has addressed audiences worldwide and has been the most influential thinker of our time. Here you will be able to find all the information you need to know about this person and about what he provides. In the Directory section of this site you will find a wide variety of information and products available such as DVDs, CDs, books and much more on this subject. You will...

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