More – For The Creation Of Interest Groups

  • November 10, 2010

Phile.comA brand-new application, Phile can be used to create interest groups on the WWW. That is, people who are keen on something can use this website to share all they know about such a subject. By doing that, they will not only explain to each other which aspects or facets of that subject they love best – they will actually be creating a guide that people who know nothing about the topic at hand could use to become acquainted with it.

The creation of such an interest group does not necessitate you to be knowledgeable when it comes to programming or anything like that. You are actually provided with a supple tool that automates all the worrisome bits, letting you focus on the actual content that you want to add for posterity. You simply have to choose the name of the group and the actual sections that members will be able to access for the group to become operational.

An interest group, then, is so much easier to create and run than a wiki. And it is also more convenient than an email group. There, the information can be hard to retrieve. That is a problem that you are not facing if you go for one of these interest groups.

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