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  • February 17, 2011

Philanthroper.comPhilanthroper can be deemed as a charitable variation on the Groupon concept. Instead of featuring a deal per day, what Philanthroper does is to feature a charity that could use your assistance. If that charity strikes a chord with you, then you can proceed to donate $ 1 as easily as you would when buying an item through Groupon, or any other daily deal site.

The company takes no percentage from the donations that are made. And since mPayy is used instead of PayPal, no fees are taken when the payments themselves are processed either.

And if you run a charity yourself, note that being featured on the site costs absolutely nothing. You can submit your company through the link that is displayed on the main page. All you are required to do is to attach your latest 990 form along with your story. You will be instantly notified if you are chosen to be featured on the site.

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