More – Rate People And Companies

  • March 4, 2011

Pheedback.comPheedback is a social service that lets people create a profile for just anything, and then give it a positive or a negative rating. The idea is that here everything can be commented and rated – products, companies, celebrities, musicians… The site itself has actually got five main categories: People, Companies, Groups, Products and Things.

All the profiles that are featured on Pheedback come with a graph showing you how the perception of that person, company or concept has swayed over time. And an approval percentage is also provided along with the total number of votes that have already been cast.

The main asset of Pheedback is its openness. Anybody can create a profile about anything, and just any person who stumbles upon it can put his two cents in. Of course, that might sound like the perfect recipe for blasting the floodgates in pieces, and giving trolls a context where they can have their way. But that is just part of the combo, and something that could never be avoided. Give people a tool for saying what the want, and some will obviously abuse it.

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