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  • May 15, 2008

PhatRags.comIf you’re a laid back sort of person with a sense of humor you’ll probably love the t-shirts featured on this site. The site offers you the chance to sport some of your favorite funny movie quotes, fictional product logos taken from popular TV sitcoms, some funny play on words, and catchy phrases that will certainly make people laugh out loud.

You’ll probably spark some interesting conversations or even make someone tell you you’re a jerk. It’s true, some of the t-shirts can be a little offensive but come on…they’re just for fun. Anyone that doesn’t get that is probably just devoid of a sense of humor or taking themselves a little too seriously. Have fun sporting the Mc Lovin tee, be proud of your Jewish/ Star Wars heritage and wear Jewbacca like an emblem, have a sense of humor about aging and moving to Florida and get a Del Boca Vista shirt. So go ahead and take your pick, there’s plenty to choose from.

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