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  • November 15, 2008 is always useful to have a resource like this at hand. Basically, PGG collects together links to free software that is available on the World Wide Web in the same spot.

The software is also reviewed and commented upon. In addition to that, the webmaster makes a point of keeping all the software he includes up-to-date, and whenever an upgrade is available the pertinent information is included.

As well as including salient tools and applications that can be procured at no cost, you can read a list of recommended blogs and web-based resources where you can inform yourself about the latest products that are released, and read about the latest industry news.

The site includes a neat navigation menu that makes finding what you need an effortless task, and a “Must Have” list is part of the premises along with a search tool that will enable you to focus your searches and find anything you need straightaway.

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