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  • April 28, 2008 is a blog that only publishes news about dogs, the pet industry, new products, and everything related to dogs.

They aim to reach the attention of people who owns or love dogs so they can help them make good choices when it comes to the puppies. Here you will be able to post your personal story with your dog, or if you have som funny or important news about issues related to dogs you can feel free to post them at this site. Currently you can check out a list of top 10 breeds for 2007 and the ones that are featured are labrador retriever, yorkshire terrier, german shepher dog, golden retriever, beagle, boxer, dachshund, poodle, shih tzu and bulldog. Also if you click on the adopt a pet section you will be redirected to which is a site that allows you to adopt animals from shelters and even become a volunteer to rescue animals. So if you like animals and want to share your experiences that you had with your pet then at this site you will have a space to do it. And if you want to adopt a pet then don’t forget to visit, you will find a new best friend for life.

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