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  • July 25, 2011

PetAmberAlert.comAmber alerts are issued when children are missing so that neighbors and even whole communities can begin working together in order to locate them. Well, take that concept and apply it to pets and you will have a perfect understanding of what this site is all about. lets the owners of pets that have gone missing spread the word about what has happened to their beloved dogs or cats, and enlist the help of all their neighbors to locate them.

The way this service works, pet owners are requested to supply some basic (and entirely obvious) pet information, such as the name of the pet, its age, its breed and its color. The company will then design a poster with all the information that is supplied, and have it displayed on its site for everybody else to see. More importantly, this poster will be mailed and faxed to animal shelters, police stations, veterinarians and police station. And the company will also send phone alerts to the whole neighborhood of the pet owner within one hour, saving time that can turn out to what makes a true difference in the end.

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