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More – Anything For Your Pet

  • April 28, 2008

Topsellingpetsupply.comYour pet is your best friend… So they say
At you will find pet medications, vitamins and supplies, for your puppy and kitten.

Whether you need something for your pet’s allergy, or antibiotics anti-infective, you can find it there. There’s a great variety of products for every case like: cough, heart blood pressure, hormonal endocrine, inflammation and pain, etc. If you need something to take away the fleas and ticks, there is also a section for pet flea relief for your pet as well as home flea relief for your carpet. However, there is not only medicine but also accessories and toys for them. Collars, leashes, harness, muzzles, are among the things you can get there too. At the web site you can find out where you can take your dog for it to be trained. There are many links that will redirect you to other sites, so you can have further information.

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More – Live Turtles and Tortoises

  • February 19, 2008

TurtleSale.comIf you are planning on getting a new pet and can’t decide on one, consider taking a look at, an eCommerce site fully devoted to selling live turtles and tortoises, and supplies for their needs as well, and sell to particulars, schools and zoos.

At this site, users will be able to find turtles of several kinds and ages, including rare and pond types with detailed care instructions and images, usually next to some easily-recognizable object like a quarter so you can make an idea of the size of your next pet. Live Turtles and Tortoises ship overnight, so you don’t need to feel bad about having your new buddy stuck in some hideous post office for a long time. If you already are a turtle lover/owner and need to buy medication, food or a new habitat, take a look at the large stock on offer, which usually sells for discounted prices. The site is very easy to use, as to the left of the screen you’ll find a list of the categories into which the items are categorized.

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