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More – The Best Places To Take Your Pet To

  • December 4, 2010

Yapsie.comPresented by a startup company which is based on San Diego, Yapsie aims to make it easier for pet owners to find places and events they can bring their pets to. The site lists all these restaurant and venues that are pet-friendly, and it also details the coolest parks and beaches to take your four-legged companion to. These are all commented and discussed by other users of the site, and the idea is to arrive at the best venues that could be visited collectively.

And just like Catster and Dosgter, people who interact through the site can share pictures of their pets among themselves, along with their favorite stories and anecdotes.

When it comes to events, now, users can both confirm attendance to the ones that other people have created and build up their very own for others to attend. Like anything connected with this site, the process is free. All that is asked of people who wish to become involved is to register beforehand.

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More – Find a Place For Fido

  • June 29, 2008

DogHouseProperties.comPet lovers everywhere know how hard it is to find a rental, house or vacation property that’s pet friendly. Even most motels and hotels look down on anyone bearing four-legged friends.

So what are you to do when you move to a new town, or want to take a vacation, but don’t want to leave Fido in the hands of a stranger? DogHouse Properties is a start. This recently launched website was made to tackle this problem especially in the midst of the mortgage foreclosure crisis that has affected a number of families with pets. What it offers is this: pet friendlyrental property listings across the States. Simply click or type in the city or state of interest, and you’ll find what each has to offer. A property description will pop up including a picture, types of pets allowed, price, address, number of beds/baths and contact information. You can filter your search by number of beds and baths as well as price among other criteria. The site is absolutely free to use and pets, are of course welcome.

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More – Traveling with your pet is never easy

  • March 16, 2008

PetsWelcome.comTraveling with your children is definitely easier than travelling with your pet. Have you suffered endless frustrations when trying to book a flight and include your cute little friend, dog, cat, monkey or whichever house animal belongs to you? Or have you phoned thousands of lodging places, hotels, motels, inns, cottages where pets are not allowed? It is about time to travel around and enjoy yourself and it would be fair to leave this member of the family at stranger’s so let’s check pet-friendly places and travel tips because traveling to get form where you are to where you are traveling is not that safe and comfortable as it may idyllically sound.

For Air Travel there is plenty to learn, for example they recommend that you don’t sedate your pet when traveling which is weird considering that most airlines that allow pets on board demand that they fly sedated. Anyway, you can find all the relevant information about the conditions in which your pet can travel safely and comfortably for him or her and for your as well. A list of pet-friendly airlines was included which makes your travel plans a little bit simpler, because a least you know which airline you can deal with. About your stay, don’t give up so soon, because there are tons of lodgings, campgrounds and resorts where pets are more than welcome so now you have no excuse to say no to your kids and leave your poor pet out of your travel adventure.

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