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Could AllPaws Be The For Pets?

  • February 7, 2014

In spite of those terrible Sarah McLachlan ads for the ASPCA, most people would agree that connecting nice animals with wannabe pet owners is a worthwhile cause. Not to pull a Sarah, but over 5 million dogs and cats end up in settlers. Even without some sappy song playing in the background, knowing that…

More – Pet Guardian Angels Of America

  • February 20, 2008

Pgaa.comWould you like to help to keep the safe pets? Pet guardian Angels of America is the site you are looking for. The site is devoted to pet rescue, adoption, selection assistance, and to providing general and healthy information.

Is directed to every type of pets such us: dogs, cats, fish, snakes, reptiles, birds, hamsters, rabbits and other small mammals. The design of the page is very nice and sweet, it has many photos from dogs and many other animals. There are also available books, puppy mill information, and videos. You can also have 2008 calendar and gifts. Be part of the dog store and also the best selection of calendars in the known universe from animals. For assistance in rescue or adoption please check out this page.

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More – Changing the Perception of Longevi

  • November 20, 2007

Urbandexterous.comUrbandexterous is about redefining the concept of Longevity and providing an interactive community for its members. Urbandexterous.

com offers insightful content such as, articles on health, travel, leisure, technology and more. It provides quick access to current news. It offers a free community “classifieds” section to its members. It has a “Game Room” with live TV where a member can play a game of Chess, Backgammon, Crossword puzzle, etc., while keeping an eye on the Stock Market or some other “live” event. There is a forum viewable by members only. More importantly, provides a community service by encouraging its members to adopt a homeless pet.

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