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More – Share Your Life On The WWW

  • November 25, 2008

Kontain.comResources that enable people to share their life over the web are increasingly popular, a fact that is underlined by the constant emergence of services such as the one we are discussing right now. This particular solution goes by the name of Kontain, and it can be best defined as a free website where you can upload a host of multimedia contents to share with the world.

These multimedia contents include video files and photographs that have a special value and poignancy to you, and that you want not only to share with others but also to preserve online for the time to come.

In addition to being free, this service is very easy to implement. There are no technical considerations whatsoever to be dealt with, and you can create and account and start building up your personalized webpages almost instantly.

All in all, this is an excellent service for organizing digital memories in a manner that is open to everybody and that entails no technical knowledge at all. You can learn more at and sign up for free, too.

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