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More – Create Your Own Alerts

  • January 26, 2008

Loopnote.comThe idea behind this site is just so simple it’s incredibly useful: it allows users to generate personalized notification groups, that is: people can create alerts for a group of subscribers to let them know about specific issues, like when a road is closed, when a band will be playing, or what’s the topic you’ll be dealing with in your next book club session. Just generate a group in the site, and write a 100 character note, which the people in your group can hear about via IM, email, text message, RSS or the site in itself.

Interestingly, the loops are open, so if you go to the site and find a loop you are interested in, you can subscribe to it and get the news on what’s happening as well. The service is free, unless your mobile company charges you any fee for receiving SMSs.

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