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More – Personalize Your Credit Card

  • March 3, 2008

ssgl.comWould you like to create your credit card’s design? Well then, you should go to, a site that provides Visa’s cardholders the possibility of designing and personalizing their cards using photos of loved ones, landscapes and whatever they choose.

In the page a card and a picture are provided for you to try the designing system. If you want the card to have your picture, you need to go to the Launch Demo link. There, you will choose between personalizing your consumer card or your business card. Finally, you upload the photo you have picked and design your card in 3 easy steps, following the instructions provided. People who have done this are more likely to use their personalized card rather than their ordinary cards. In case you would like to know more about others´ experiences you can find testimonials in the page. If you want your credit card to be cool and original, go to the site and create you own design.

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