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  • January 13, 2008

Stardock.comStarDock is a famous company that offers design and skinning content for Windows, and is completely endorsed by Mr. Gate’s company.

Now, the problem with sites like these ones is fanatism. Being year 2008, it should be high time Verdana typography were permanently verboten from any site with design aspirations; that it is the typeface chosen to communicate in one of Window’s design partners will make Mac users laugh for hours on end. But other than this rather strange bout of hapless typography selection and some amateurish layouts, the cool thing about this site is that it presents a number of apps that allow users to extreme-personalize the way they use windows, by downloading free or paid themes, icon packages, different cursors, desktop environments or customizable app docks that very much resemble that of Mac. But, hey, it’s not a competition about who sold out, but of actually making users more comfortable and happy, and that is what StarDock is managing to do… and very well by the way. StarDock presents pimp-ups for traditional versions of Windows and for Vista as well.

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