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  • November 17, 2011

PersonaBubble.comIt’s amazing how social sites such as Facebook and Twitter make people come out of their cocoons, and show sides of their personalities that no-one has ever seen. I’m sure you can tell a good couple of stories of how you posted something on Facebook or Twitter, only to be completely shocked when it later dawned on you exactly what you had done. Social networks make us aware of things we’ve got in us that we never, ever realized. Or that we didn’t want to admit. It’s the same in the end.

And this new site is here to let us explore all that. is a platform for exploring who you really are. On this site you can fill out a personality test and not only realize why you are the kind of person that you are, but also have your own traits and quirks compared to your friends’. You can have them invited one by one, and once you all have got your results then you can have everything shared, commented and discussed. The site aims to let you get to know who you are and how others see you, and it’s an aim it certainly achieves. But don’t just sit there and take my word – go ahead, create an account. It’s free, and painless.

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More – Fun Ancient Astrology

  • January 15, 2009

 EastWestProfiles.comEast Meets West is a very entertaining, precise and truthful astrology website where you will find about 150 different types of personality profiles. Here you can check which profile resembles you the most.

The site has a very interesting and clear image and all the options are displayed through beautiful interactive art and music. The most interesting thing about this service is that it combines both Eastern and Western tradition traits in order to create these interesting profiles.

People have always been interested about their future and their Horoscopes, and this has been the most popular ways to gain insight into personalities. This is not just a newspapers’ daily horoscope, this is done by very competent and skilled professionals.

One good thing about this site is that profiles are made by using an interactive method that results in a very enjoyable experience for the users, who have fun all through the profile building process.

If you want to create a more detailed profiles you can do this by buying an e-Book, or in a coffee table hardback book, which is also available nationwide at Barnes and Nobles and many other retailers. If you are looking for a fun way of knowing more about your personality, you may click on this site.

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More – Fashion, Tattoo & Lifestyle

  • January 9, 2009 is the online version of The Industry, Miami’s hottest high-end boutique and tattoo parlor.

ShopTheIndustry merges great high-end men’s & women’s clothing brands, such as True Religion, Kimikal, Red Pepper Denim and more with tons of Rock N’ Roll attitude. If you want to find products that show your personality, you can stop in by ShopTheIndustry, buy some great clothes, and even book a tattoo appointment if you want. is not like any other online boutique because they carry a wide selection of high-end clothing and rock apparel that cannot be found anywhere. This e-boutique provides everything fashionista guys and gals could want. Additionally, the customer service you receive is very personalized. Special time is spent on each order to ensure accuracy. If you think this is an interesting option, find more information about the company at the website or just send an email to the company’s email box.

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More – All About Yourself Online

  • September 24, 2008

TellMeTwin.comThe TellMeTwin website is another contender for the mantle of best social networking site on the web today. The basic premise is that you not only can rate literally anything you love or hate such as movies, books, paintings, travel spots and more, but you can also take personality tests that will let you have a better understanding of yourself, and the results of these tests can also be seen by your friends (or “twins”, to use the site’s parlance). On the other hand, the site can carry out a search for individuals who are your twins – people who think like you – or your exact antagonists – these are named “evil twins”. As it could be expected, a search that takes into consideration aspects of your personality in order to find a romantic interest will be offered as well. Through the site you will also be able to get recommendations from your twins such as seeing which movies that have just premiered might be of interest to you. The data is user generated, if it doesn’t exist you create it wiki-style.

All in all, the site stands as an interesting option for those who wish to see their personalities develop and unfold online.

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More – Online Personality Tests & More

  • July 17, 2008

CoolTests.comAs its name suggests, Cool Tests is an online resource where a wide array of personality tests can be found and put to good use in an inexpensive manner. Furthermore, the site boasts a broad scope of assorted features.

These include tools like a love calculator that lets you know how successful a relationship will be by providing some information, and a forums’ board where you can engage into conversation with other individuals and while away some hours. The only actual requisite for using the features of the site is registering beforehand. This process in itself is very straightforward, and all it entails is furnishing personal particulars along with contact and account information. A confirmation message will then be sent to the address you submitted, and by using the link in that message your account will be duly activated. On the other hand, a web form is provided for contact purposes.

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More – Personality Tests On Line

  • June 30, 2008 is the official on line provider of the Keirsey Temperament Sorter.

They feature diverse tools in order to help companies and organizations increasing their effectiveness. Basically, they provide temperamental and psychological tests so that the workforce can develop within the organization. Knowing one’s weak points as well as strengths can help you improving your career and organizational development. Some of the objectives the Advisor Team seeks are matching individuals to career interests, improve employee communication, reduce workplace conflicts, etc. On the left side of the web site there are diverse links, such as: products and services, instruments, administrator sign up, the four temperaments, etc. Within the corporation section you will see classic temperament report, corporate temperament, team temperament, etc. According to them there are four types of temperaments: the artisan, the guardian, the idealist, and the rational. Of course each person is different but all of us have many things in common. Having different kinds of people at the same organization always enriches the environment.

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More – Free Psychology Articles

  • June 27, 2008

Mindpub.comIf you are looking for psychology articles and are trying to learn about different types of personalities; this is the site you need to check out. In the site you will find all kind of free stuff related to psychology articles on Type A personality, anger management techniques, information on eating disorders, and much more information.

If you are one of those persons who like to learn about everything, this is a cool site for them to read and be informed. What about eating disorders? Nowadays they are as common as flu. You probably know someone who suffers of eating disorders. Then why not taking a minute to read an article regarding that issue? You may find more than just information; you may be able to learn more to support and understand people with eating disorders. Are you in need of support? You will find some self-help articles as well. Visit for more free stuff.

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More – Find Quizzes Online

  • June 16, 2008

Quizzes.comWe all regard ourselves as truly knowledgeable about some subjects, and we tend to take some things for granted. For instance, very often we behave as if we knew everything about ourselves.

However, have you ever taken the time to sit down and take a test to find out if the perception you have of yourself is actually accurate? If you have never done that, you no longer have an excuse. Direct your browser to the site and be prepared to find out all about yourself. There is a comprehensive collection of quizzes that can be taken online, ranging from funny quizzes to personality tests. Relationship quizzes are likewise featured, and there are also quizzes that are geared towards specific demographic groups such as teenagers. What’s more, it is possible to create your very own quizzes. This feature is actually very useful to teachers and those who have educational duties, as it provides a convenient way of assessing knowledge in a dynamic manner.

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More – Your True Self Revealed

  • June 12, 2008

Personaldna.comWondering what would be the result of your personality test? Would you like to try one? In that case, there is no better place for you to be that this. At personaldna.

com they have developed a new kind of personality test which is not only free, but fun, fast, and best of all accurate. Visit the website to learn more about them. Their tests have been developed by a team of professional psychologist so you can rest assure that their result won’t be just a bunch of lies, that has nothing to do with you. It employs innovative answering techniques, allowing for increased accuracy and an enjoyable process. If this is the first time that you visit the website you may want to register to it. However, this is not strictly necessary to take the test. Check the psych you/ psych me feature. How does it work? Quite simply; once you have assessed your own personality, you can ask other people to assess you! It is really fun. Visit the website to learn more about it.

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More – Harness The Power Of Personality

  • June 7, 2008

AdvisorTeam.comOne would normally assume that the world is either divided in dog and cat lovers, or in Beatles or Rolling Stones lovers, but if you are under the suspicion that it might be a rather simplistic approach or you are in an HR department, take a look at this site, where you’ll be able to find out about the Temperament Sorter II, an online suite which allows to generate a psychological personality profile for candidates for corporate, career or academic purposes. You can read about the theory that backs the system on the site, and read a description of how the test works, but not preview sample questions or watch a demo to see which features are available.

The site also lacks pricing information, which seems like a risky thing, especially taking into account that the product is marketed mainly for companies, and also for individuals, so the latter might be discouraged to find out fearing that it might be too expensive.

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More – Fun Quizzes

  • May 23, 2008

Quizstop.comIf you would like to know what’s in store for you in terms of love and relationships? Do you want to learn a little more about yourself and your personality? Quiz Stop offers serious and funny quizzes, personality tests and self discovery tools for teens and adults of both sexes to enjoy. The site has a broad quiz collection that includes love quizzes, personality quizzes, JavaScript quizzes and other fun stuff, adventure quizzes, brain and knowledge quizzes, and other good stuff like personal horoscopes, free e-cards, cool links and more.

Browse the site, take some tests and have a laugh or two. The site is constantly being updated so you’ll often find new stuff to keep you entertained. You’ll find out about yourself, what you like, what you’re good at, how you act around people, what you should look for in a prospective mate, how smart you are, and much more.

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More – Challenging Life

  • May 12, 2008

PersonalityType.comIt is very difficult for some people to feel understand other people, and even to understand thyself. This is because we are all different, with different personality types.

This site, is the site to understand your own personality and others type as well; this site helps you with your career, your family, your relationships and helps you to relate better with everyone, from colleagues and clients, to family, friends and other relationships. This site offers many different kinds of best selling books about personality type; you will be able to find different kinds of free quizzes, and tests to “challenge your life”, to find your way to the perfect job, improve your love life, to understand your children, and by communicating better with everyone else. You will be able to find different sections within this site, every single section about something different. There are Discover Your Type section, Your Career, Your Kids and Your Love Life, all of these with various kinds of simple tests to find your personality.

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More – Reasons for Your Personality

  • May 7, 2008

PersonalityResearch.orgWhy do you behave the way you do? This is a question many people are asked and often ask themselves. Many, though, can’t find the answer to that question. is a website that answers that question with scientific research results. The site looks into how people think, feel, and behave. has been maintained by G. Scott Acton, since 1997. Answering these questions has become a priority in the life of G. Scott Acton and has resulted useful to many of the site’s readers. The site has an article titled ´Attachment Theory, ´ which explains the patterns of relationship a human being has from its birth to death. The ´attachment theory´ deals with the many emotions one feels during his/her life, such as: security, preoccupation, fear, and dismissal. Though very involved, you don’t have to be a scientist to work out what the theory means.
Other matters that are dealt with on the site are: basic emotions, behaviour genetics, behaviourism, cognitive social theories, evolutionary psychology, intelligence, interpersonal theory, personality disorders, and psychoanalysis.
If you’re interested in knowing why you feel, or react the way you do, then log on to and enjoy the read.

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More – Employment Assessment Resources

  • April 29, 2008

Brainbench.comThe Brainbench line of products is designed to help employers judge and assess the aptitudes of candidates. These include interview guides and personality tests, as well as tests that are illustrative of a candidate knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Consulting services are provided as well. Broadly speaking, the products offered by Brainbench are geared towards employers, or towards individuals. The products that cater for employers include a pre-hire test, and a tool for evaluating the development of employees. The pre-hire test assesses all the pertinent fields in a variety of jobs, including administrative and financial jobs, as well as telecommunications and healthcare-related activities. The system makes for the identification of best candidates in massive applications, and helps to conduct a search that couples job-specific skills with past work behavioral assessments and personal characteristics. A free trial version of this product can be requested online, by means of filling in a form. As for individuals, Brainbench provides a wide array of qualifications. The full list can be browsed online both by job role and by category.

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More – Learn About Your Own Personality

  • April 25, 2008 – Learn About Your Own PersonalityWorld you like to know everything about yourself? You probably know you zodiac sign and which are your hobbies but you may not know in which level you can place yourself according to your need for uniqueness. At outofservice.

com you will find out lots of things related to your personality you didn’t know. All the tests you can access are based on psychology researches. Are you a freak? How do you know you are not actually one of a kind? There is, for instance, one test that tells you how different from the crowd you are. For doing this test you need some time, so you can do it carefully and answer with honesty all the questions that are asked there. Have you ever been told your moral attitudes are improper? Here is your chance of testing those attitudes and find out if they were right. Plus, there is a test in which you will know what the music you listen to has to say about your personality. – Learn About Your Own Personality

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More – Visual Tests

  • March 17, 2008 is a social network that matches you with people with similar personalities. uses image tests to gauge your personality. As soon as you enter the site you are bombarded with striking colorful images. There are two tests to take on the homepage, a personality test and a style test. The tests ask you to choose from an array of images. You are asked a question and you select an image as your answer. The style test determines your interior and home style. The second test is a personality test. The test will ask you what is art? and there will be 15 images to choose from. Other questions included in the test are, what is your idea of freedom? your biggest vice? your favorite drink? Once you take the personality test gives you a description of your personality and then sets you up with people who are compatible with your personality. The visualIDNA is quite accurate, at least it was for me. It tells you about your romantic interests, habits, and what you like to do for fun. Once you get your VisualIDNA you can join the site and meet people with similar personalities and habits. uses an interesting way of making a connection through images.

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More – Get to Know Yourself Much Better

  • March 9, 2008

PersonalityQuiz.netDon’t you ever wanted to know more about yourself and your personality? Do you want to have a good time with finding things you don’t even know about yourself? If you want a site that has a personality quiz that is really easy to answer and the most accurate in the internet then you might want to take a look at this site and see what it can do for you because it could be just what you are looking for. Personality quiz provides a full personality quiz very simple to answer that will help you know something about yourself that you didn’t know before.

Having a very simple design with the information clearly divided into specific categories, this site helps you find the desired information with just one click. Its thrilling and eye-catching design attracts visitors with its high quality images and fine animations, encouraging them to visit the entire site.

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More – Get To Know Yourself

  • February 16, 2008

StevePavlina.comEver thought that you don’t know yourself that well? Never realized that the decisions you make don’t match your personality? Well, you might make some real use of this site then. StevePavlina.

com attempts to provide the necessary help for you to have the tools to make conscious and well though decisions. The idea is that it teaches you to know yourself, and once you do to take full responsibility for your actions. This process of personal development is not easy, and therefore the help provided is invaluable. You will find articles that cover lots of topics; how to manage your time efficiently, how to maintain the motivation towards your goals as well as setting goals, problem solving strategies and much more. Look within yourself by accepting the resourceful tool this site presents, check it out at!

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More – How Well Can You Guess Personality?

  • December 8, 2007

YouJustGetMe.comAt some point in your love affair with the internet, you’ve probably stumbled across sites which offer personality test and analyses. These sites of course range from the more unpolished, juvenile sites to actual standardized tests concocted by psychiatrists.

You Just Get Me is sort of a hybrid of these two extremes. The site claims it is run by psychiatrists, yet you’ll notice that when you take the 40-question personality test, some of the questions seem a bit wacky. After going through all of the questions, You Just Get Me generates a personality rating for you in the form of “bubbles”. Bubbles represent personality extremes, so the larger one is, the more likely you are to behave in that way. For example, one bubble pairing is “Extroverted” and “Introverted”; if your introverted bubble is larger, you tend to be more of a wallflower. Accompanying the bubbles is a lengthy (and oddly breezy) explanation of what your results mean. After this, the site encourages you to check out the profiles of other users to see if you can “guess” their personalities, based on a thumbnail photo and username only. You’ll go through the same set of questions, this time answering them as though you were the person in question taking the test. At the end of this task as well, you’ll be given a rating that tells you how accurate you were. The site requires you to continually rate others as long as they rate you (this keeps your site score above 0, allowing you to continue to use their features for free).

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