More – Online Print Ordering

  • December 5, 2007

ZetaPrints.comNeed a banner, newspaper ad, yard sign or a logo? Get it in minutes from

ZetaPrints connects designers, consumers, printers and publishers around its design transformation service. It is an open service where anyone can upload a graphic design for others substitute texts and images. The system outputs PDF for print, JPEG for photo printing and GIF/PNG for viewing on screen. If you are not willing to pay $100 for a banner that will run for a week you can pick one for $10 on, put your text and photos in it and download it in minutes. The personalization process is completely automated. Design authors get 50% commissions from all sales.

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More – News Aggregator

  • November 19, 2007

Tiinker.comTiinker is an intelligent news aggregator which learns what you like reading and adapts to each individual user’s interests. It reduces the amount of content you need to sift through to find the stories which really interest you.

tiinker works out what you like by determining what each story is about; it doesn’t (just) use social recommendation. It also allows you to subscribe to your own RSS feeds, perform keyword searches, and more.

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