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  • October 21, 2008’s mission is to provide the opportunity for students to create an online web presence that shows them in the best light possible and articulates their unique value to employers. offers the ability to manage a customizable web identity that supports multimedia and maintains a high level of professionalism. Utilizing the web editor, customers can use text, images and video to manage their online professional web identity.

The Brand Management Dashboard allows users to track their position on search engines and provides tools to improve their rank. differentiates itself from other web design companies in three different ways.

1. Customization – Users have complete control over the content of their site via a “What You See Is What You Get” browser editor.

2. Multimedia – Users can upload text, images, audio video files, and embed them directly into their pages.

3. Professionalism – Users secure their own domain name, such as, in order to be displayed in Google searches and establish credibility online.

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  • July 14, 2008

Obliquity.comIf you like astronomy, cats, immigration affairs and everything that is related to all of them, you will probably like this site too. Obliquity.

com is the personal domain of David Harper and Lynne Marie Stockman, two personal web pages creators covering diverse subject such as cats, astronomy, and genealogy, among others. After some time doing this, they decided to create this site so all of these topics where available on one place only. So, here you can find all the latest news regarding all these issues as well as image galleries and related articles. If you though you would be the only one interested in a site like this think again, because since it was launched it got 12 million hits and six thousand pages viewed every day. Finally, in case you have any inquiry, you want to make any submission, or you need further assistance, here you can find all their contact information.

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  • July 11, 2008 is a personal website produced and developed by an American guy named Ray Smith.

Here he posts information and stories about some of his personal interest. For instance, there is a section devoted to the 1st Battalion 69th Armor, where he used to serve. Also, you can find a section about the Route 66 in California, Arizona, and New Mexico with information and pictures. In addition to this, there is information about Z06 Corvette and picture and information about road trips. Each one of this sections feature information, stories, and pictures as well as links to related websites. The website has been online since 1996 and if you though you where the only one interest in a site like this, think again, because it got thousands of visits in these 12 years. In case you wish to leave him a comment or make any type of submission, here you can find all his contact details.

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  • July 1, 2008 is a news and opinions website carried out by a guy called Scott Bidstrup, who happens to be a gay cowboy living in Costa Rica.

Here you can read all the latest news he post as well as his opinions and comments on all the different issues treated here. Some of the topics treated here are homosexuality, religion, economy, Middle East, culture, terrorism, Iraq, gay marriage, and politics, among others. In addition to this, here you can learn everything about the author of the site and his experience of being gay and live in Costa Rica. The site features a link to his personal blog as well as links to related sites. You can also find here multimedia resources such as pictures, wallpapers, and humor resources. In case you wish to make a suggestion, a comment, or you have any inquiry, here you can find all of his contact details.

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  • June 27, 2008 is a personal blog where its author posts different stories, news, and thoughts about different topics such as health, science, philosophy, and psychology, among others, as well as different reviews and quotes.

The site is updated regularly by the author with new articles, pictures, and videos. Just like in any blog, users can make comments after each post, so if you wish to leave you opinion on any of the topics he delivers, you can. In order to stay updated with all the latest post, here you can also subscribe to his free email newsletter. In case you wish to make a contribution or a personal comment to the author, you can do it trough this website or you can find all his contact information. If you like what you see here and you want to see more, you can browse trough all the archives of the site, also just like on any blog.

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  • May 17, 2008 is a website that provides free web hosting for anybody who needs it.

The registration process is very simple; you only need to fill in two forms, and you will have your own website up and running in almost no time. They offer 1000 MB hyper space, 10 GB bandwidth, powerful servers, and many other amazing features. At this site’s homepage, you will be able to see a very long list of all the features that this free service offers. The website has a FAQ section that will help you with technical details. If your question is not answered at that section, you can visit their forums to clear your doubts. You can also contact the company by email, if you have any suggestion about a feature that you would like them to add to your website. already hosts hundreds of thousands sites. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity; register and start to enjoy your own personal website.

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