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11 Tips For Keeping Your Personal Finances Organized

  • April 17, 2014

It is essential that you keep your personal finances and business finances completely separate. Make sure you are paying yourself a salary (rather than paying your personal bills) out of the business finances as soon as possible. Use software like to keep track of your personal funds and…

More – Managing Your Finances

  • December 18, 2008

Pennyminder.comAn online resource that groups together tools for managing personal finances and cash flows, Pennyminder is suitable both for individuals and small groups that want to track exactly what happens to their money at any given time.

This site (which has just launched) comes complete with account and expense journals which can be readily shared with whomever the user wants.

Moreover, a breakdown of who has paid whom and the amounts that are owed to different individuals is easily carried out through the site. Auto reminders for making sure that nothing will ever be past due can also be implemented.

Further resources that merit mentioning include a spend cloud that empowers the user to visualize his spending by applying the corresponding tags, and the ability to import bank statements in order to keep everything in sight.

It goes without saying that resources such as this one are heaven sent at a time like this, not only because we have to struggle against one of the worst recessions we can remember, but because this time of the year is characterized by a heavy shopping schedule. As such, the site is certainly worth at least a visit and some time browsing through its contents.

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More – How’d You Spend Your $600?

  • May 9, 2008

HowISpentMyStimulus.comAs most U.S.

taxpayers are (hopefully) aware, Congress passed a bill earlier this year to provide “economic stimulus” payments to most taxpayers. is a site that asks everyone the question: “How are you spending your stimulus?” Users can write about how they are using the extra money, and are encouraged to post photos or videos to illustrate their purchase. There is no registration required in order to share on the site, and you can add your content under categories like Apparel, Credit Card Debt, Education, Sports, Pets, Travel, Weird, and Other. Some people post about pretty standard uses like paying off bills or necessary car repairs. Other users have posted about spending the money on marijuana, a Harry Potter costume, or a trip to Europe (therefore stimulating the European, not the U.S., economy).

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More – Manage Your Personal Finances

  • May 3, 2008 is a free web-tool for managing your personal finances.

It allows for custom tracking of your spending and saving habits. This money management program works much like other competitors in the field, allowing you to enter data such as your income and expenses, create up a budget, set goals and targets, and to track your success with those goals. iexpenseonline includes some pre-set budgets that you can use as-is or tweak to your personal preferences. You can also generate charts and graphs based on the information you provide, which may be a helpful way to better understand your finances. Lastly, there is a forum where users can post money-management tips, and these are user rated to help spotlight the most useful tips.

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More – Your Personal Financial Advisor

  • March 20, 2008

SumApp.comFinances in disarray? Does the state of your savings account find you huddling under a table? Although hard times may be nigh, there is help to had. Count on Sumapp to help you get your cash situation in order.

This personal finance app is a cinch to use—even your most devote Luddite won’t be remiss—and it’s primed for all situations. Sumapp plays a number of roles. For one, it simulates your finances by letting you to categorize your expenses and income, and summing up your accuracy. Sumapp helps you stay on track with your budget, sending you updates via email or iPhone. Sum also predicts your financial future: tallying up your expenses and spending habits, this app will predict your financial sitch for up to a year in advance. Sign up now, for only $5 a month.

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More – Track Group Expenses

  • March 3, 2008

ShortReckonings.comShort Reckonings is a free web tool to help you keep track of group expenses and reconcile debts. For instance, you could create an expense sheet to track shared expenses among your roommates.

After adding each household member’s name, you would enter a brief description of each expense, the amount spent, who paid it, and which roommates should split the cost. You can add as many roommates or expenses as you need, and Short Reckonings will do the math to tell you who owes how much to whom – in the fewest possible number of payments. Sheets can be printed, shared with friends (by passing along the unique URL for your sheet), or saved. Currently, you must bookmark your expense sheet’s URL in order to return to the saved version, and Short Reckonings deletes sheets after they are not accessed for 90 days. The site promises future versions that will allow you to create an account, where you could save all of your expense sheets together and indefinitely.

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