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  • February 24, 2008

www.Zooped.comZooped is a site that takes the basic idea of MySpace and adds their own personal twist. At the site you are allowed to add games and news to your blog or to a bulletin.

All this in a very easy way. What is more, at the site you will be able to find many directories. Zooped directories are oganized by categories such as music, videos, games, news, gossip, entertainment, internet, movies, invite, mail, bookmarks, trains, bulletin, adress book and unlike MySpace, businesses. The cool part about it is that you can also add up to 15 songs to your playlist in your profile and musicians can share more songs on their site, playing up to 10 songs. If you want to interact with other people you can join the site forums and groups and share your thoughts. Both links give you the chance to meet new people and why not make new friends. So if you want to join this community check out

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