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More – Hip-Hop Mixtapes

  • January 20, 2008

Mixtapekings.comThe subtle art of widespread mixtape creation seems to have been lost with the advent of the mp3 player, but there are some genres and music styles for which the mixtape are still a subgenre in itself, and clearly Hip-Hop is one of them; serves the Hip-Hop music industry by having this portal from which mixtapes can be downloaded, and thus increase the exposure artists receive, as it generally takes word-of-mouth for one tape to get from one place to the other.

The site features content in several multimedia –mp3, videos, interviews— but I was struck not to find any livestream music playing in the back (you can only activate it in certain areas of the site), since we all know that the best way to get promotion to an artist is to actually get their music played, but I did also figure out that since the archive is so big, they’d probably have a bit of a hard time trying to get all the music played. Other than lots of literature and articles plus interviews and album/event reviews, offers a shop where to purchase mixtapes, albums, apparel, magazines and the like.

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