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More – Recovering From Child Abuse

  • November 8, 2009

ZenTactics.comZenTactics is an online resource in which information specifically geared towards child abuse survivors is published. That is, it is not a website that plays out a general personal development role, but a website aimed at a specific group of individuals.

Its objective is aiding all survivors and enabling them to lead happy and authentic lives.

The site was founded by a person who experienced some of the issues related to recovery firsthand, and that makes it all the more poignant and relevant. A wide collection of free articles especially aimed at helping child abuse survivors is offered on the site. The issues that are dealt with range far and wide, and these include how to handle depression and articles on how to successfully achieve emotional healing.

Ultimately, the site plays out a very fulfilling role. As it was said before, it is not another general self-improvement website like the many you can find on the WWW today. Don’t get me wrong, these sites are excellent. But this one takes an approach of its own since it is wholly focused on helping and inspiring all abuse survivors to reclaim the happy and successful lives that they were meant to have to begin with.

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More – Motivational Resources

  • April 5, 2009

This world is getting tougher and people need some extra-help in order to stay focused and motivated in relation to their personal goals. This site seems to be a very useful and effective source of communication and encouragement for you to accomplish your personal goals.

It is positive to find sources where you actually feel that you are motivated on a daily basis. This online portal was designed in order to provide free motivational resources to help you to stay motivated while pursuing your goals.

This site provides tons of free motivational resources such as motivational quotes, and poems, as well as songs and videos, in addition to articles, and much more to help people stay motivated long enough to achieve their dreams and goals.

Instead of a couple of motivational songs or videos like most other sites, this site provides tons of them as well as personal development articles on various strategies and insights to help improve people’s lives. Everyone is motivated differently so this site provides all different kinds of tools to motivate people in the way that works best for them. Take a look at it and you will not regret it.

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WholeScience.Net – Frontier Science Magazine

  • February 2, 2009

WholeScience.NetWhole Science is an online magazine that contains all the latest information related to consciousness research.

At this site, users will be able to check on the different projects that are being conducted by some of the most important Mind Sciences Organizations in the world.

In addition to this, users will find a good place where to find self development resources on the potential of the human mind.

In order to use the benefits of this website, you must be a member. This is a member subscription website, and offering interviews, a download library, forum, articles, audio, a free videos section, member profiles, real life stories, all supported by a team of industry experts.

Now you can get access to the only magazine in the world that combines both personal development and science.

This is a totally scientific site that gives you the scientific studies of research into the mind and shows you just how powerful your mind really is.

At Whole Science you can read articles and studies about mind-body medicine, as well as mental imagery research, and psi (psychical) research.

These are part of what is known as frontier science, and Whole Science gives you not only the facts, but practical tools to integrate this knowledge into your own life.


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More – A Freethinking Community

  • December 8, 2008

JimbolandJots.comJimboland Jots is a social creative community that covers and generates material focused on the gay, freethinker, green, radical, and American progressive worldview. Building on the rise of American progressivism and the restoration of democratic values in the USA, this social creative community covers and generates material on all sorts of topics that are of interest to open minded individuals who look forward to change.

The website features a variety of articles on such topics as marriage rights for gays, environmental causes, new films and plays that are dedicated to people or causes that may seem controversial to the more conservative crowds, and much more.

Anything that’s news of interest to free thinkers is sure to appear on this unique site. As well as reading articles, you’ll also be able to see video footage, and listen to audio as well. Members have the right to post comments in relation to the stories that appear, and of course are free to speak their minds on the topics at hand.

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More – Look Better,Feel Better,Create Success!

  • April 17, 2008

Men’s Health/Life Zine is an innovative new blog that’s main idea is helping men achieve infinite success in every area of life. Our motto is “Look better, Feel better, Create success!”

We describe in full details how a man can enhance his looks in every possible way, the best ways to build the best body ever,including shortcuts to weightloss and body enhancement and last but not least, we also highlight proven ways to become successful in life, both monetarily and by means of personal developement!

I’d like to think of this site as “The blueprint to the ultimate YOU!” for men.

I have been studying human excellence for 10 years now and decided to start this blog last August to show men all over the world how to enhance their looks,bodies and become infinitely successful in anything they desire.

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