More – Your Professional Reputation On The Web

  • October 20, 2010

Honestly.comA site that was previously known as Unvarnished, Honestly lets anybody rate and review his coworkers. That is an anonymous process, but those reviews that are indeed accurate will give the ones who penned them reputation points, and the more points the user garners then the more respected he will obviously become.

In addition to having a new name, now the site has opened up in a grand scale. Previously, only people who worked at any of the 200 tech companies that were featured were allowed to claim a profile. On the contrary, now anybody can sign in via Facebook and become reviewable through the site.

The one drawback that sites like this one have is that they are always open to personal vendettas and retaliations from former colleagues. That can’t be helped, but the site complicates thing unnecessarily by not letting users remove comments manually. The only reason something would be taken off the site is if it is illegal. And those who have had a profile created can’t opt out of it, either. The profile will be sitting there whether they like it or not.

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Patents And More –

  • August 18, 2009

Patents And MoreWhen it comes to finding accurate information about the patents of many inventions and products this might be a good solution for you to take a look at. In essence this blog can be found on Cairns and gives you all the data you need in order to be well informed on these maters.

In case you want to read interesting articles and publications about many new patents, this is going to be the right site for you to find attractive comments and proposal, as well as a variety of peer reviews that will help you to be well informed about the latest movements in the patents market. Patents And More

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More – Connecting With Your Peers

  • April 9, 2009

P2Pspot.comP2Pspot is a service that allows college students to exchange textbooks, find roommates and trade video games with their peers. You can create listings visible to all users, a network of schools, or just your school.

Users can even add friends to keep track of their listings.

P2Pspot mashes together different technology in order to provide these services. It uses the Amazon API to apply images and autofill entries for textbooks and video games listings, Google Maps to show several housing listings all in the same window and has the option to send text messages to sellers when someone buys their item. In that sense, communication among parties is fully accounted for.

The aim of the site is simplifying the trading of textbooks and related items between peers, and ultimately let anybody save not only time but also money. Students everywhere are more than likely to appreciate such a service being available at no cost at all. If you are one, head straight to the site and have a look for yourself.

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More – Your Own Private Internet

  • July 27, 2008

2Peer.comYou want to share files with friends and family but still keep it secure, safe and private. 2Peer gives users the ability to do just that.

2Peer advertises itself as a place where people can create their own private internet to be in control of who they are sharing files with. You only have to download and install the free 2PeerDesktop to sign up and search for friends who are already on 2Peer. You can also send invitations to others to join the 2Peer service so that you can chat, share or browse content among friends. There also is no limit on upload speed or file size. 2Peer also offers a download of 2PeerWeb which is a web-based design tool created only for downloading files while on the go. The site clearly explains the features of both downloads and what the differences are between them.

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More – Online Peer Mentoring

  • May 23, 2008 is an online peer advising site that links trained mentors to people seeking guidance and advice. Horsemouth mentors have specific experience in their field of expertise, and wish to give back to that community.

Horsemouth mentor seekers are faced with a challenge that they do not have the resources to overcome. This site is a forum to bring those two parties together so that the problem may be solved. Topics of which help may be requested include health, religion, finance, and law, among numerous others. Horsemouth is also partnered with several organizations, whose members may offered “badged,” or official, mentoring.

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More – Public Helps Approve Patents

  • August 1, 2007

PeertoPatent.orgIt is a rare occurence when the government gets innovative. But that is exaclty what has happened at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), which has launched a pilot program with the New York Law School.

Peer-to-Patent is a community review project that allows online peer review of pending patent applications. The pilot is focusing on software and computer programs since that is an area where they have received consistent complaints and which they admit they don’t have the resources or expertise to adequately review. Of course you have to qualify to become an official peer reviewer and they have limited the scope of the pilot to 250 patents, but it is still a huge step forward for a major government bureaucracy. Companies that have submitted applications include GE, Intel, HP, IBM, Red Hat and Microsoft.

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More – Peer-to-Peer Search Engine

  • May 29, 2007

Faroo.comFaroo is the p-2-p (peer-to-peer) search engine which believes that searching really ought to be decentralized. Internet architecture itself is decentralized, I personally like to think the WWW stands for Wild, Wild, West.

Faroo scours the frontier based on what you, the searcher, thinks is relevant, with out any central institution gun slingin.´ Nothing stands in the way of the information you want and the searcher, because all pages are ranking based on user ranking. In the same manner, those who provide the content are to be sure their content will be found, since all Faroo search results are current, comprehensive and efficient.

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