4K Download – Breaking Down Barriers
(One App At A Time)

  • December 4, 2013

It seems like a cruel trick. After minutes upon minutes of channeling Tyra Banks, giving your best duck-face (I call it the Olsen Twin), and finding that just-vintage-enough filter, you end up with a photo that is totes adorable but is stuck on Instagram and impossible for you to get your hands on to use…


Appart.com – Mini-Web

  • August 19, 2012

Appart.com is a website that allows individuals that use mobile devices – such as a smart phone, or iPad – to control their business and business website via that mobile device. This developer operates via platforms such as WindowsMobile and others to come up with easy to use applications on the website to make it better. Without these individuals, many businesses would be lost. There are several small businesses that do not have enough people running the different levels of the show. This makes it harder on the founder, however, this page makes it easier.

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Vic2pc.com – Control Your PC Remotely

  • March 18, 2012

Vic2pc.comSuppose you’ve just arrived at your office, and you’re getting ready for what you know is going to be a hectic day at work. All of a sudden, you realize that you’ve forgotten some files on your home computer. And these files are needed for you to get you job done. What can you do? Phoning your wife or your sons and request them to mail you the files you’ve forgotten could be a way out of trouble. But what if you live alone? Or if no-one is around to take your call? Well, an app like Control By Mail is what you’d need if that came to happen.

As its name suggests, this new application lets you control your PC remotely. And it lets you do it by sending out emails, either from your smartphone or from any desktop computer you have at hand. “Download”, “Read”, “View”, “Execute”, “Launch”… all these actions can be performed by using this new app. And mouse movements are also supported, so that you’ll be able to acknowledge prompts as if you were there.

Since everything is done using e-mail, Control By Mail is not affected by firewalls and proxies. And it frees you from having to sync folders manually. You can access your whole HD at once, not just some isolated files.

Control By Mail costs AUD $29.95, and additional upgrades cost AUD $4.95. And if you’re interested, you can download a free trial here.

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Nerd-i.com – Solve PC Problems

  • January 22, 2012

Nerd-i.comNerd-i is a remote provider of PC repair and virus removal services. The company offers 24/7 phone support to its customers, and pricing’s kept really competitive. There’s actually six different plans available. There’s annual plans for individuals, plans for companies, plans that can cover as many as five different computers… the service can be as comprehensive as you want it to be.

And in addition to giving you all-around-the-clock access to qualified operators, Nerd-i can help you via e-mail. “Wait a moment, what good’s that for? My computer’s not even working!”, I hear you say. Well, that’s true. But it’s also true that in this day and age there’s lots of ways to read your email. You can do that on your mobile phone, for example. And (in some cases) that’s going to be a lot more helpful. An email can include attachments showing you how to do something that would be very difficult to explain in words.

And I feel it’s vital to mention that the company offers a full money back guarantee. You’ll either get a solution to your computer-related problem, or you’ll get your money back. There’s no in-betweens.

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Gog.com – Good old games

  • November 25, 2011

Gog.comIf you are old enough to have seen the evolution of video games in at least a span of ten years, you will agree and understand that vintage classic games have some kind of charm not found in the modern ones. As hard to explain as it may be, Gog.com understands this as no one else does. GOG means Good Old Games, and vintage PC game lovers can visit the site to get all those games they enjoyed to the fullest some time ago. The graphics, the music and the sound effects will not look like the ones of modern games, but somehow, “good old games” will manage to make you feel a special emotion.

Emulators had achieved to take old games to fans once again, but Gog.com solves the situation in a more direct way, adapting the game files to work in Windos XP and Windows Vista software. Once you buy the game, at a really low price that will not hurt your savings at all, you can start playing almost right away.

You can look up your games using a search bar or browsing through different genres displayed on the top horizontal menu. Adventure, Strategy, RPG, Action and Racing are some of the categories to look at for that entertainment which filled you with joy when you were younger. Yes, maybe your kids will laugh at you for enjoying those strange sounds and primitive graphics… but you could use the chance to teach them about something they never knew. Imagine the pleasure of playing again Alone in the dark, or Another world, to name but a few of those classics.

Besides, at Gog.com you will get more services than you could imagine. You will be able to download the game and own it from then on, without limits to copy it to another computer or to download it every time you wish. You will as well get many added material with your purchase, like mp3 soundtracks, game guides, walkthroughs, and other features which are not detailed.

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AlwaysOnPC.com – A Virtual Computer At Your Disposal

  • July 27, 2010

AlwaysOnPC.comAre you tired of using your iPhone just as a simple mobile and MP3 player? You can stop by AlwaysOnPC.com, to learn all about the software apps for iPhone or iPad offered. On this site you can find lots of apps for iPhone that allows you to use your iPhone as a computer.

If you register on AlwaysOnPC you can get access to a virtual computer created for you. To use it, you just have to download apps for iPhone on the App store so you can use Firefox, OpenOffice and other software. Do you want to know how to get iPhone applications? Enter AlwaysOnPC.com to find out more about these apps for iPhone.

Apart from using your iPhone as a Mp3 player, you can use AlwaysOnPC.com to find over forty apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android apps as well. You can buy and download them on your App store, so you will have a powerful virtual computer in your iPhone or iPad.

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Kristanix.com – Casual Games For All The Family

  • May 5, 2010

Kristanix.comKristanix is a company that develops casual games which are suitable for users of all ages. These are games that can be played by parents with their kids, and they run not only on Windows but also on Mac OS and Linux.

iPhones, iPods and iPads are equally supported.

The games offered by this two-man team are different from the titles that are often provided by related sites in the sense that they are not fast-paced arcade games. Rather, they are slower in nature, and they can even be enjoyed by people who are handicapped or that have some special needs.

All of the games that the company has released so far can be tried for free, and these include titles such as “Mahjong Epic”, “Solitaire Epic”, “Crossword Twist” and “Maxi Dice”. And note that if you buy more than two games at once you are eligible for a 20 % discount.

The idea is letting not just parents but also grandparents take part of the world of gaming, and being able of becoming involved with technology in a way that is fulfilling for everybody.

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Digizal.com – Apps For Every Occasion

  • May 29, 2009

Digizal.comPortals that let you know about apps that are released are nothing new. There are as many as recycled melodies in The Kinks’s catalogue, and that is only good from the point of view of the users… until so many app review sites become available that is necessary to have a database of sites reviewing apps.

Until that day comes, you can learn about these sites here.

Digizal is part of that happy family. It has the distinction of including not just reviews of PC apps, but also reviews of applications for other systems such as Macs and mobile devices. The site follows the same formula as its cohorts (“Ain’t broke ain’t fix it” alright) and it is split into categories such as “Music & Audio”, “”Email”, “Browsing The Web” and so forth. The obligatory “Just Added” category is likewise featured along with a “Top 10 Applications” for you to see where it’s at immediately.

A very nice touch is an application center that will let you specify what it is that you need help with from a provided list, and then be presented with the relevant options. This is sure to make your stay on the site a smoother and more enjoyable one.

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Activewin.com – Windows Resource Blog

  • May 28, 2009

Are you looking for software news? If that is so, you will find Activewin.com a useful site to find software news. Through the site you can find a variety of free Windows resources, ranging from informaton about Windows 7 Ultimate to software reviews. Also, you can search for PC resources and you can download free software, as well.

Activewin.com is visited by those who are looking for smart ideas when it comes to updating the Windows operating system. That is why you can visit the site to find Windows updates along with free Windows downloads. In addition, you can find information and resources about Windows Server 2008.

Do you need to help with your software? Then, on Activewin.com you can find software tips along with software articles and software reviews. To sum up, if you are looking for free PC resources and you want to read software news, you can try this website out.

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The-Manuals.com – Free Manuals For Everybody

  • May 1, 2009

The-Manuals.comIn case you need to learn how to use a program or a tool, you might need to read some specific manual or handbook in order to be able to perform any special task.

There are many sites where you can download a number of manuals about many topics.

However, most of these sites are limited in relation to the number and accuracy of the manuals they offer.

Furthermore, there are times when you are not sure if the manual you have just downloaded is the real one or just a pirate copy of the one you need.

That is why this site was created with the intention to give users the possibility to search through an almost unlimited number of specific and accurate manuals about many programs or solutions.

This site resembles the look of a search engine. In fact it transmits a Google-like feeling. The-manuals.com is the place where you can find more than 5.770.000 manuals (and growing) to search for whatever you need. The homepage has a search box where you just need to enter the name of the manual you need and that is it.

After you click enter you will find a wide number of manuals related to the application you need to handle. These manuals are for many systems, therefore it does not matter if you have an IPod or an I phone, a Mac or a Pc, you will have the chance to be successful in the search for your needed manual.

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MultiPlayer.It – Games For All Consoles

  • February 18, 2009

MultiPlayer.ItThis is the site for all video-gamers. At Multiplayer.

it you will be able to find one of the widest varieties of video games for all kinds of platforms. No matter if you have a PC, NintendoDS, or Wii, s well as an Xbox 360, a Play station 3, or Sony PSP, etc; you will be able to get all the games you want.

At this site you will get a chance to find articles and news about all the latests videogame hits, through different videos.

There is a section where you can download a variety of games like Diablo, Grand Theft Auto IV, Far Cry 2, Bionic Comando, and many others.

There is a section called “Games on Demand” where you can get to see the most popular games at this site.

If you want to know how this system works, you can take a look at the information you will find at this site. In addition to all the information you will receive about video and computer games, you will be able to get the top 10 list, with the 10 most popular games up to today.

All payments can be made through Visa and MasterCard in a very easy and secure way. This is a very interesting site you should visit now.


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Didiom.com – From iTunes To Your Mobile Phone

  • January 7, 2009

Didiom.comA service that has just launched, Didiom makes it possible for you to use your mobile device to access songs and playlists stored on your computer via wireless streaming. All you have to do in order to do so is download Didiom to both your desktop and your phone, and from that point onwards you will be able to sift through the music files archived on your computer using your mobile.

Moreover, a marketplace allows you to shop for new music and download it to your phone, your computer’s desktop, or both. You only pay for the titles you download, too – there is no need to pay any membership fees.

When it comes to actually procuring Didiom, the process is kept as simple as possible – you pick your carrier from the provided drop down menu, and then set up an account before getting down to the download itself. Alternatively, you can choose your brand and proceed from there.

With support for over 200 phone models, Didiom is certain to attract the attention of people from everywhere. Follow the provided link in order to have a taster for yourself, and see if it clicks with you or not.

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WhatPCS.com – Find PC Review Videos

  • November 1, 2008

WhatPCS.comThe What PCS website is a portal solely devoted to PC review videos that surface on the Net. It’s tagline goes “The coolest PC review videos in the world”, and it aims to adhere to this philosophy by providing a comprehensive selection to choose from.

The main page spotlights the latest videos that have been added, and the name of the uploader is provided along with the corresponding tags for you to click about and find related pieces of information. A keyword cloud is likewise provided to these effects.

A supple search tool for looking up items incumbent to you in a streamlined fashion is featured. A collection of links of interest is provided as well.

All in all, a site like this will be appealing to those who want to stay fully up-to-date when it comes to Personal Computers, by providing all the relevant video files under the same URL.

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TeamViewer.com – Work Closely From Afar

  • September 18, 2008

TeamViewer.comOver at Teamviewer.com, you’ll be able to find information and support for the TeamViewer software.

This very interesting piece of code will allow you to see what your workmates are doing in their computer, no matter where you are. This is a great way for people with virtual offices (people spread all around the world), to work together on projects, boosting productivity. The software is free for all non-commercial uses, so if you want to try it out, it’s right there on the site for you to download. They have recently added support for Macs, opening a whole new world of possibilities for Mac users.

On a larger scale, this could really help you out when it comes to costumer service. Your operators will be able to get in inside your costumers’ PCs, making the helping experience flow a lot more smoothly. The Software works surprisingly quickly, so you won’t have any problems getting into your peers’ computers to help them out or work together on something.

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DevilMayCry.com – Devil May Cry 4

  • July 29, 2008

DevilMayCry.comDevilMayCry.com is the official website of Devil May Cry 4, the fourth edition of the famous action game Devil May Cry (DMC).

In case you never heard of it before, DMC is an action game developed by Capcom Production Studio 4 and published by Capcom. Is available for Play Station 3 and Xbox 360 Live, and most recently for PC. Here you can learn everything about this game including history and story line. Also, you can access to image galleries, previews, and reviews of the game as well as characters information, weapons, cool stuff, and related downloads such as wallpapers, screen savers, and videos. In addition to this, you can download a free demo. All the latest news regarding the game are posted here along with all the major upcoming events information. Finally, you can access to the Capcom online store, where you can buy this and hundreds of other games online. DevilMayCry.com

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RksSoftware.com – Software For Personal Computers

  • July 28, 2008

RksSoftware.comRKS Software provides software for personal computers and presents us with this site. Here you will be able to find all the information you need to know about what they offer and also purchase any product that you like as well.

To start off you can go through the different categories such as RKS Fax, Mighty Fax, Visual Business Cards, Personal Mailing List, Calendar Builder and Visual Labels. In each if these categories you will find specific software available that may help you to design and print labels, print custom calendars, create business cards and much more. The products offered in this site show screenshots of what they look like, instructions to make the best of what you selected, a description, about its features and much more. Free trials are available so that you can try the product before you actually purchase it. If you encounter any problem or have any questions, the support section can provide you with answers to what you need. RksSoftware.com

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EMSPS.com – Pro Software And Specialty Services

  • July 23, 2008

EMSPS.comEMS is a software company that claims to have many thousands of customers over one hundred countries. Although the website doesn’t say much about the company or the services it provides, you will be able to see what some of the variety of products and services it offers.

The site I am talking about is EMSPS.com. For some contact information you should refer to the last link, where you will find the phone and fax number, as well as the email. It seems like EMSPS.com is specialized in professional software and specialty services. EMSPS.com exchanges new and used software. In fact, they claim to have the largest selection of old and used software for PCs and other microcomputers. There are photo CDs for desktop publishers, including the Corel Photo program. You will not only find software; there are resources and tests for sale and rent, professional shareware, and more. Visit EMSPS.com for more information. EMSPS.com

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CheatDesk.com – Online Cheats For Games

  • July 23, 2008

CheatDesk.comOriginally, cheats were implemented by programmers for play-testing purposes, but nowadays a game that does not feature a cheat code or god mode or whatever-you-want-to-call-it is unthinkable. The thing is, the use of cheats always seems to raise some controversy.

Clearly, using a cheat to complete a game that cost an average 50 US$ in a couple of hours is not the wisest move around, and grown-ups know as much. Trouble is, younger players seldom realize this and if you give them a cheat code for their newly-acquired game chances are they will use it straightaway, and that is 50 US$ out of the window. Of course, there are contexts where cheating might be acceptable – for instance, you have already completed the game on your own and now want to replay some scenes and have a bit of fun using a cheat code, and perhaps exact revenge on that end of level boss that took you ages to beat. If that is the case, you can always resort to the countless online cheat databases available. You can find one that includes codes for all the contemporary gaming systems at CheatDesk.com. A nice touch is the inclusion of cheats for older setups like Amiga computers and the classic NES gaming system. Moreover, the site includes a news section at the bottom that will let you keep abreast of the latest developments in the gaming world. CheatDesk.com

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Driver-Downloads.com – Get Free Computer Drivers

  • July 22, 2008

Driver-Downloads.comAre you sick and tired of not being able to install new programs on your computer? Isn’t it just annoying when you can not play your favorite game’s latest edition or watch a movie? It may be due to a driver issue; for that reason it is always recommended to check if your computer is using the latest driver for the product you are trying to install. You will be able to do so at Driver-Downloads.

com. It seems like the site is devoted to providing its users with all kinds of drivers for all kinds of purposes. On the home page you will find an alphabet. You may wonder what this alphabet is there for, right? It is there for you to browse the drivers by your computer manufacturer name. It is quite simple; if you own a Toshiba device, you just need to click the T and then select whether it is a PC or a Laptop. Driver-Downloads.com has lots of drivers for you to download at no charge. Driver-Downloads.com

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LostMyDrivers.com – Download Free Drivers

  • July 22, 2008

LostMyDrivers.comIf you lost your computer device driver files, firmware, or installation programs and you don’t know where to find them, this site might the solution for your needs. LostMyDrivers.

com is a comprehensive database of drivers where you can find the exact ones you were looking for and download them for free. As a matter of facts, they have more than 100 gigabytes file storage, with old and new drivers. All the drivers are sorted into different categories such as Network drivers, Printer drivers, Soundcard drivers, or Monitors drivers, just to name a few. Each category displays all the different brands. Finally, after selecting all these options, you get the full list of drivers available with name, size, and OS. Download is very fast and free in all cases. Finally, here you can find links to related websites and, in case you need further assistance or you have any inquiry, all their contact details. LostMyDrivers.com

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