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RingMD – Disrupting Healthcare With A Fresh Take On House Calls

RingMD – Disrupting Healthcare With A Fresh Take On House Calls

International travel has become a standard rite of passage for many of us millennials. Beyond providing fresh fodder for profile pictures and family newsletters, investing in the right kind of travel can yield some incredible returns. Don’t panic, I’m not going to put anyone through an Eat Pray Love

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A new medical answering service, YouCallMD gives physicians the chance to create and manage a complete on-call schedule, straight from their web browsers. YouCall MD takes care of transcribing patient and nurse messages, and having them delivered via SMS, and by using VOIP it lets nurses and patients communicate with doctors at all hours. Doctors are also allowed to communicate among themselves, of course, and discuss these cases that...

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Cliniko is a new platform that healthcare professionals can use to manage their practices in full, and straight from their browsers. Using this service, they are allowed to take appointments and handle payments online. And they can also keep all their treatment notes centralized, and know who any person they are dealing with is the moment the person has got in touch with them. As a platform, Cliniko is not limited to healthcare...

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Diagnosia is a new search engine for medical drugs. This site lets any person who has been prescribed a medicine learn all there is to know about it – who has manufactured it (and where), how suitable it is for alleviating his condition, what are its side effects (if any)… All the information that is retrieved by Diagnosia comes from verified leaflets. In actuality, the site is aimed as much as physicians as it is aimed at...

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You might be surprised to know that one out of five doctors in private practices uses an iPad already. But when you start thinking about it, such a thing makes a lot of sense. An iPad is infinitely less cumbersome than a laptop, not only physically but also in terms of applications. By their mere nature, iPad apps reduce the amount of effort that it takes to input data and have it processed. And the only reason medical practices have...

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