10 Pieces Of Advice For Entrepreneur Parents-To-Be

  • July 4, 2014

It’s a blessing to be an entrepreneur as it can create flexibility in your schedule to do the things you want – and parenting should be at the top of the list! Enjoy every second of your pregnancy, the birthing process and the first few months of your child’s life. Those are precious moments that will be…


12 Tips For Balancing Parenthood And Entrepreneurship

  • September 3, 2013

My kids are 7 and 5, and we’ve actually created a series of trips for entrepreneurial families in order for the kids to learn about business and engage in these conversations. Don’t try to justify spending more time at work by saying it can provide a better future for your kids. Personal time with your kids…

More – Questions & Answers For Mothers

  • February 8, 2010

Moms4Mom.comIf there is one invaluable attribute the Internet has is how it lets you solve any problem by getting in touch with people whose knowledge might as well be encyclopedic, and who are willing to offer it for free. When you can’t find an answer off the top of you head you know that you can try any of the forums or questions and answers sites that populate the Internet, and that are going as strong as ever.

And more and more specialized ones keep on surfacing. This is one of the latest to come around, and (as its name denotes) it is geared toward mothers.

The idea is to let them interact among themselves and ask any question that they can’t elucidate on their own. For example, the kind of questions that are answered here include “Guidelines for how many clothes are needed for a newborn baby?” and “When can you start feeling the unborn baby move in the uterus?”.

It is important to stress that the site is also open to contributions by fathers. As a matter of fact, the domain redirects to, so it can be said the site effectively covers the world of parenthood from both sides and vantage points.

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More – A Helpful Guide To Parenting

  • April 26, 2008

StorkNetFamily.comFilled with tips, advice and guides this site provides detailed information on pregnancy, parenthood and all that it entails. It is fueled by a large community that shares experiences.

It tackles subjects such as looking to get pregnant, miscarriages, baby names and keeping the romance in a marriage. The site encourages full participation with newsletters, boards and a radio show. An important highlight is the possibility of submitting essays relating experiences that may enlighten others. Completing the site’s offer is an extensive shopping mall that includes links to renowned gift and clothes stores such as Gap, Old Navy and JC Pennys. If you are a first time parent in seek of guidance from peers with real first hand experiences or simply a parent looking to give advice or trade stories, delivers the means. An important tool made available in a serious, dedicated and thoughtful way. Definitely something worth looking at.

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More – Baby’s Names

  • March 3, 2008

BabyNameIndex.comAre you having trouble choosing the name of that baby that’s on the way? This site has the solution you were looking for. Here you can find a list with names for boys and for girls.

But that’s not all. By choosing a name on the list you can also see the meaning of it and its origin. Besides, having a baby brings a lot of trouble when it comes to pregnancy and parenthood, so you may find it helpful to read some articles for you to manage after the baby is born. If you are not new in this thing of parenthood, you can also feel helpful contacting with the team by giving your own advises and recommendations for those that are inexperienced. These are going to be published in the web. Furthermore, the site offers a baby shop with the corresponding prices and with product details that you can buy online. So all those doubts that may appear in your head when you realise a baby is on the way can be quite vanished by entering this site.

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More – Information for First-Time Parents

  • December 19, 2007

Parenthood.comMost people get nervous and have many questions when they are about to become parents for the first time. Parenthood.

com provides a lot of answers to those questions. This site has become one of the premiers on line destinations for personalized parenting content and tools. It has built a team of industry leaders including doctors, specialists in the field of infant and child development and popular authors. It offers information about adoption, family planning, getting pregnant, infertility, woman’s health, fetal development, baby care, nursery and other stuffs. It also gives you the chance to make questions to medical advisors. The site attracts almost five million visitors each month and it has been useful for millions of people contemplating pregnancy, having babies, and nurturing their children through early childhood.

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