Outloud.fm – Share Music And Talk About It

  • July 29, 2011

Outloud.fmOutloud.fm lies in some point between a chat service and a music streaming platform. You see, on this site anybody is enabled to create a room to which he can invite all his friends to, and once they all are there play music by creating collaborative playlists. And talk about what is being played for as long as they want. So, if an argument is started regarding what was the first heavy rock song ever recorded, all the people taking part of the conversation can add the songs being discussed for everybody to listen to in real time.

One can upload “Helter Skelter”, another “You’ve Really Got Me”… and everybody will be able to listen to these songs without having to open a separate window and head to YouTube to get acquainted with the compositions that are being mentioned.

That turns Outloud.fm into quite a cool service – anything that lets people keep discussions on a single page always is. And the site is usable on the fly, too. Just sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account to be able to create a chat room of your own, and invite all your friends to it.

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