How Your Wardrobe Impacts Your Work

  • October 28, 2013

For women leaders, business can be a minefield of personal image challenges. Experts estimate that up to 95 percent of our communication is nonverbal, so even as women achieve more prominent platforms, the majority of what we communicate is still through external visual clues. This creates the very real…


MyOutfitIs.com – The Latest Fashions & Styles

  • January 7, 2011

MyOutfitIs.comShowcasing the latest fashions and styles from every corner of the world, MyOutfitIs.com stands as the kind of site no fashionista could afford to pass by.

People who sign up to MyOutfitIs.com are enabled to upload photos of themselves, and have them extensively commented by others. And the clothes are entirely taggable, too. The person who uploads a photo to the site (something that can be done using the provided Web interface, or straight from a mobile phone) will be able to individualize the brands he is donning. And the most popular brands are always highlighted on the main page for people who are new to the site to figure out which is in and which is out.

All in all, an almost faultless way to ensure heads will turn around as you walk by. And something that I really like about this site is that both males and females are using it actively. Most other similar resources I reviewed on the past tended to attract mainly female audiences.

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Shmotter.com – Create A Virtual Wardrobe

  • August 20, 2009

Shmotter.comIn a nutshell, Shmotter is a new site (out in beta) that allows fashion lovers to create a virtual wardrobe, use it in order to mix & match clothes and accessories, and create a style of its very own. Moreover, the outfits that are created this way can be easily shared with friends, and a functionality that enables site users to purchase items from online stores is included.

This way, the outfit created onscreen can be easily replicated in real life.

As it is often the case with sites such as this one, the most popular items within each category are spotlighted on the main page. These categories include “Shoes” and “Brands”, whereas the blogs belonging to members of the site can easily be accessed trough the main page. The main page also spotlights the best outfits that have been created so far.

On the whole, a top way for fashionistas to renew their wardrobes and meet up with individuals who share passions just like theirs. If you deem yourself as one, this site comes highly recommended.

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IttyBittyBundles.com – Online Baby Boutique

  • July 22, 2008

IttyBittyBundles.comItty Bitty Bundles is an online baby boutique. You can find the outfits you want by browsing the categories located at the top and at the left hand side of the homepage.

These categories are: Preemie, 6-10lb Newborn, 3-6-9 Newborn, 12-18-24 Infant, 2T-3T-4T Toddler, Greeting Cards, and Boys 0-24M. You will also find a section named Baby Styles, and another named Brand Names. Their preemie baby boutique offers dresses and clothing for preemies from 1-7 lbs. to wear in that very special time in your life when you are only able to take care of your baby boy or preemie girl. They have an array of coming home baby outfits for new born girl or boy’s first trip home. In addition to that, they offer beautiful hand smocked baby girl dresses, Capri outfits, resort infant sets and infant clothes in 3,6, and 6 months. Itty Bitty Bundles Baby Boutique offers an exquisite line of heirloom quality, fine clothing, from the very best clothing manufacturers. IttyBittyBundles.com

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CowboyOutfitters.com – Become a Real Cowboy

  • June 26, 2008

CowboyOutfitters.comAre you looking for cowboy outfit but you don’t know where to find a shop that provides you this? Now you can find that store you’ve so much wanted in the web. Cowboyoutfitters.

com is a site that offers all the web visitors a large number of cowboy outfits and other accessories. At the left of the site you will be able to find a large list of categories which include the following: for boys, for girls, cow-kids, hats, belts and buckles, leather goods, books and rodeo among others. By selecting any of these categories you will be provided with a list of items, and you’ll be able to have a look at the pictures and read a detailed description, along with its features and specifications. Furthermore, if you are interested in purchasing any of these items cowboyoutfitters.com is offering you then you are able to do it online, and you’ll have them arriving at home within days. General information about cowboyoutfitters.com is available in the site, as well as a contact address for you to clear any doubts or make any comments. Visit cowboyoutfitters.com and become a real cowboy! CowboyOutfitters.com

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DressyGirls.com – Perfect Dress With Matching Tiara

  • June 24, 2008

DressyGirls.comA very common dream for young girls is to be a princess. This includes everything, the proper outfit and the special treatment.

Sometimes, mothers can make their daughters feel like true princesses, but fail to find a dress that matches the love they have for them. DressyGirls.com is a site that provides all kinds of dresses for all kinds of special occasions, You can browse through the large amount of categories they offer, and in case you find one that caught your attention simply add it to your cart. In order to help you develop trust in them, you will find several testimonials left by satisfied buyers. Complete with beautiful and very girly-like pictures, you will find this site very welcoming and extremely professional. Their huge collection of dresses is likely to have one that suits your daughter and the special occasion to perfection. Go ahead and check it out for yourself at DressyGirls.com. DressyGirls.com

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Cheap-scrubs.com – Cheap Nursing’s Uniforms

  • June 23, 2008

Cheap-scrubs.comIf you were looking for nursing uniforms for your stuff members or a new outfit for yourself, you won’t have to look no more. At cheap-scrubs.

com there are tons of nursing uniforms for you to choose from. From the web site you can search for tops, pants, lab coats, dresses, nurse caps, nurse shoes, walking shorts, and even kids scrubs. In addition to the aforementioned items there are maternity uniforms for the future mom. There are several sizes, so whether you are tall, short, or thin, you will find what you need on their site. In case you are looking for a second uniform to use while one is in the laundry, check out their outfits, and make your order. They also have clearance stuff at very good prices. Many of the items are unisex; therefore, both men and women can wear them. Furthermore, there are lots of colors for you to choose from. Cheap-scrubs.com

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Hootersgear.com – Hooters Gear And Accessories

  • May 27, 2008

Hootersgear.comIn case you are a fanatic of the American restaurant chains called Hooters, Hootersgear.com might be an interesting site for you to stop by. Hooters Gear is an online store where you can buy merchandise online of the famous restaurant chain based in Clearwater, Florida, Hooters.

On this site you will find a list of recently added and most popular products available for sale, and a search engine you can use to search for a specific item in their whole catalog. What is more, by visiting Hootersgear.com you can check a product catalog including headgear, collectibles and gifts, as well as clothing for both men and women.

Are you a fanatic of the famous Florida restaurant chain Hooters? Would you like to find an online store selling official merchandise and gear of this restaurant? If that is your case, Hootersgear.com might be the right site for you to stop by. Hootersgear.com

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Formalkids.com – Formal Outfit For Your Kids

  • May 23, 2008

Formalkids.comFormalkids.com is located in Orlando, Florida and has been in the market for fifteen years already.

If you were looking for a nice, formal outfit for your little children, you should check out this site. They have a large array of dresses and gowns for different occasions. So, if you have a wedding or a Communion, for instance, you will find the perfect clothes for your kids. They have bridal wear, including: flower girl dresses, bridesmaid dresses, informal wedding, infant dresses, children tuxedos, etc. Nevertheless, they not only have little girl dresses but also for teenagers. In case your daughter is preparing for her Prom, you can find something nice, modern, and stylish for her. Moreover, they also have several accessories, such as: socks, shoes, petticoats, gloves, headpieces, and more. One of the things that distinguish them from their competitors is their shipping service because they deliver the products the same or following day. Formalkids.com

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Etniesgirl.com – Clothes For Every Season

  • May 8, 2008

Etniesgirl.comAt etniesgirl.com you will find all you need from your toes to your head.

If you are a girl and you would like to dress cool, check out this site. They have a large array of clothing items, like: t-shirts, dresses, jackets, pants, tops, shorts, hats, and much more. They even have bags and accessories. At the web site you will see three main sections depending on your style or the season’s weather. For example, if you are in wintertime and you like snow clothes, there is a link with the necessary outfit specifically for that climate. However, there is a section for toddlers, infants and men, so not only cool girls can get good stuff. If you are in summertime and you need shorts and surfing clothes, you will find what you need right there too. It is very fun to shop online form the site because while you choose your clothes you can take a look at the blogs and postings. Etniesgirl.com

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StrasburgChildren.com – A Site To Dress An Angel

  • May 6, 2008

StrasburgChildren.comOnce you’ve spent five minutes browsing this site, you’ll be firmly convinced that if only people would look a bit more at pictures of smiling children there would be much more happiness and peace in this world, but that’s certainly not what StrasburgChildren.com’s aim is: this eCommerce site specializes in designing and selling handmade clothes for party and special occasion wear, both for boys and girls, infants to preteens.

By visiting the site, users will be able to take a look at the full collection of seasonal, play and party dresses and overalls, view detailed front and back pictures of the gowns, and also get suggestions for matching articles, like shoes, slippers, hairbows, and in some cases get combined dolls dresses as well. Though the site presents no sizing charts, it does provide some guidelines, and personalized help to tailor fit any garment to clients’ needs. One of the things I liked the best about the site is the one you’ll be able to find under the ‘Angle Gallery’ tag, and which is a showcase of kids wearing some of Strasburg Children designs, and having lots of fun while they’re at it too! StrasburgChildren.com

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JessicaStyle.com – Jessica Simpson’s Wardrobe

  • April 20, 2008

JessicaStyle.comAre you looking for fashion tips? Would you like to dress like a celebrity? If that happens to be the case, you have come to the right site. JessicaStyle.com is the site you must visit to read all the latest celebrity gossip.

On JessicaStyle.com you can find a collection of online photographies of your favorite celebrities and details about their outfits. Jessica Style offers tips and advice in fashion trends, including data about Jessica Simpson’s shoes and Blake Lively outfits. On this site you can find all the latest news about fashion trends and what are the clothing lines for this season.

Would you like tips on how to get Jessica Simpson fashion style? If that is so, this website is perfect for you. On JessicaStyle.com you will find all the latest news in fashion and tips to create a trendy look. To sum up, if you want to dress like a celebrity, feel free to stop by this site. JessicaStyle.com

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DaddyOs.com – Feel Cool About Your Outfit

  • April 17, 2008

DaddyOs.comDo you want to feel cool about your way of dressing? If your answer is “yes”, then this site may be the one you are looking for. In this site you can find clothes of the 50’s, bowling shirts, lounge wear, rock and swing clothes, club wear and many other styles.

You are able to look at the pictures, read details such as size, bust, waist, hips and length, read about the materials used for each outfit and if you find the right one then you can order it online. The clothes are either for men or women, and you can also find out the outfits that are actually on sale in daddyos.com. In case you want to return or change something you bought, then you can read the steps you have to follow to be able to do so. Visit daddyos.com and see the bizarre outfits they have to offer you in this site! DaddyOs.com

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AutomotiveWorkWear.com – Find The Special Outfit

  • April 9, 2008

AutomotiveWorkWear.comIt is hard to avoid getting dirty when you are trying to repair your car or cooking a meal. Oil, grease and many other products simply stain you clothes.

If you are most of the time solving mechanical problems of your vehicle, cooking in the kitchen then you might be interested in visiting automotiveworkwear.com. This site provides all the special clothes for these situations. You are able to find aprons, wraps, belts, caps, coveralls and overalls among others, as well as their prices and the materials with which they are done. Features and specifications are also available and you can order any of the items online. All the special clothes for the many different professions can be found here in this site and you can clear any doubt about the payment or the product in the FAQ or just get in contact with automotiveworkwear.com. Don’t use your everyday outfits to apply your profession, visit automotiveworkwear.com and order your special clothes! AutomotiveWorkWear.com

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DKNY.com – See What They Have For You

  • April 6, 2008

DKNY.comWhether you want to buy men or women’s clothes, Donna Karan New York could be an interesting option for you to consider. To check its complete inventory of stylish clothes, you have to enter Dkny.com. You will find women’s sweaters and jackets, as well as women’s dresses and skirts, in addition to men’s pants, jackets, and shirts, among other quality clothes.

Do you want to buy women’s skirts? Would you like to wear DKNY denims? If that is your case, you will find quality women and men’s clothes on this site. From dresses and skirts to women’s sweaters and men’s jackets, this clothing store offers a vast catalog of clothes. Step inside Dkny.com to search for additional products, including shoes, bags, and eyewear.

In case you are looking women’s sweaters and wedges for women, feel free to stop by Dkny.com. Give this site a try and search for varied types of fashionable clothing. DKNY.com

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SturgisBikeWeek.com – Look For Motorbike Events

  • April 6, 2008

SturgisBikeWeek.comAre you interested in everything that has to do with the motorbikes and all the agitation there is behind this movement? Sturgisbikeweek.com is a site that provides information about the activities there are such as rides to the west, where all the motorbikes get together at one point and travel through out days, museums, places or camps to stay while you are driving among other things.

Besides you can also have a look at old pictures that show past trips and all kind of motorbikes from cross to Harley Davidson. You are also able to buy online different products such as t-shirts for men, women, leather outfits and all accessories you can imagine that are usually a characteristic of the motorbike’s lovers. You are able to buy any product you want online and within days you can have it at your home. Videos of past events and schedules of coming events are also published in this site. If you are looking forward to ride trough days with a bunch of motorbike’s lovers and experience with them this trip then sturgisbikeweek.com may help you find the best event! SturgisBikeWeek.com

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Ashro.com – Afro-Centric Apparel for Ladies

  • March 9, 2008

Black is Beautiful, and that is the going motto for Ashro, a chain of retail shops in the US selling outfits, shoes and accessories for black women. The store carries casual, office and party wear in a wide variety of styles and sizes, including special fits. And if you visit its website right now (www.ashro.com) you’ll be able to shop for what you want from the comfort of your home.

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MotoStrano.com – If You Are Looking For An outfit

  • March 4, 2008

MotoStrano.comYou may have the moto, but do you actually have everything you need to finally ride on it? It may be sometimes a problem finding the perfect outfit and at the same time feel secure if something, such as an accident, occures to you in the future. Motostrano is a shop where you can find several useful things once you have your moto such as helmets, gloves, pants, shirts etc.

They are organized by sections and the prices are available in the site, with a negotiable option. Besides, it includes a store with spare parts if you are needing either for a supermotos or for a bikes. Each product has a picture to make it more easy for the customer to choose and buy. Fortunately the customer may buy online any product available. If you own a moto, what are you waiting for? Buy the perfect outfit and accessories here! MotoStrano.com

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NormThompson.com – Escape From the Ordinary

  • February 23, 2008

NormThompson.comAre you looking for quality dresses? Do you want to buy clothes online? If that is the case, NormThompson.com could be an interesting option for you to check out. By visiting this site you will find a great variety of women’s clothing, ranging from dresses and jackets to bras and underwear.

In case you need to find a nice dress for a special occasion, Norm Thompson could be of help. This online store provides you with a large selection of clothes for women, including jackets, dresses, and suits, as well as bras and other underwear. In addition, you can also find shoes and men’s clothing. You just have to stop by NormThompson.com to find quality women’s clothing.

Do you need to buy underwear? Would you like to buy women’s clothing online? Then, feel free to visit NormThompson.com to find what you are looking for. This company offers dresses, jackets, and underwear. NormThompson.com

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Sewing.org – HSA – Home Sewing Association

  • February 19, 2008

Sewing.orgHSA is the USA’s Home Sewing Association, an NPO trade organization for teachers and enthusiasts, individuals and companies in the home sewing industry. In this site, the HSA’s target audience, both pros and amateurs, will find lots of useful resources, like free projects and patterns for all levels of expertise.

Most of the resources are available in text-only format with step-by-step information on how to get your project done. More sophisticated or complex items get pdf downloads with image tutorials. Garment designers and students will probably be thrilled to find about the ‘fashion sewing’ area, where they’ll find lots of projects and patterns covering many tastes and likes. The site also includes a section on recycling old garments into new outfits, and home décor resources as well. If you feel you won’t be able to cope with these projects on your own, try to find a sewing educator close to your home by typing in your zipcode. Sewing.org

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