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  • August 21, 2009

All About SurvivalHow do you fare when it comes to outdoorsmanship? How long would you make it into the great wide open? If you have no idea and want to find it out, or if you think your skills are already fully-developed this blog is more than likely to be a good visit. In general terms, it provides exhaustive information on topics such as wilderness survival and these skills that we could term as primitive, including trapping and the recognition of wild plants as well as how to work with wood, stone, bone and so on.

As I said above, this blog is equally appealing to those who are just starting and to seasoned people in such a topic. Newcomers will find valuable knowledge that is conveyed in a clear way, while those who are already knowledgeable will be able to brush up very easily, and maybe also share their expertise with others by leaving comments. All About Survival

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