GetInLive.com – Premier League Predictions & More

  • September 19, 2009

GetInLive.comIn case you want to be well informed about the latest games being played on the English Premier League this is going to be an interesting site for you to take a look at.

The main concept behind this site’s creation is quite simple. With Getinlive.com you will be an actually allowed to learn about the English Premier League as well as to make predictions on different games.

Get In Live has to do entirely with giving sports fans the possibility to find and analyze a great number of alternatives when it comes to getting data about the latest football games in England. In this way you will be given the chance to make your forecasts on the results of these games in a very fast way. Besides the fact that this is a cool site, you will be also benefited with a service that is simple and highly accurate because it combines social and scientific predictive methods.

The only way you can really learn about this site and the service it provides is by giving it a visit at Getinlive.com.

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Quorumbet.com – Social Betting Brings in the Cash

  • April 11, 2008

Quorumbet.comQuorumbet is a social betting platform in which users can wager on any topic they’re interested in, and invite their social network to join in on the gambling fun. So to create your own wager, a number of steps must be taken first.

You’ll want to set the bet’s status as public or private, first, then define the decision source for the outcome; from there, start inviting users, and set the minimum stake required to participate in the bet. Bets can range from celebrity speculation, business propositions, to news stories and political outcomes. All winnings are distributed equally amongst the participants, minus the commission paid to QB (5%). Bet facilitators earn 2% of every bet. Current bets include ‘Will David Cook become the next American Idol?’, and ‘Will Apple’s stock price hit $160 by August 31st?’.

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