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AddAll.com – Compare Book Prices

  • October 11, 2011

AddAll.comBuilt by book buyers for book buyers, AddAll.com strives to find the best deals on books online. The AddAll website helps shoppers search for the lowest prices on books from 41 different online bookstores in just one click. Prices may be displayed in the currency selected by the user, and any applicable sales tax and shipping charges are also shown by AddAll.com. Shoppers may compare not only prices by also delivery times for the books they are searching for on the AddAll site. For folks searching for multiple books, they can use the “memo” function on the website to keep track of the deals they find on various books.

AddAll.com users can search for books by title, ISBN, author, or keyword and have their results displayed in any one of over 20 different currencies. The AddAll website also features an Out of Print Books search tool as well as search for used books, magazines, music, movies, and ebooks. For used and out of print books, users of the AddAll.com site may search by author, title, keyword (and keyword exclusion), ISBN, price, and response time. They may also select specific stores to check or simply choose to search all stores. For Firefox users, AddAll offers a search plug-in which allows them to search from the toolbar on their browser.

Users of the AddAll website can additionally customize their search results page with different font sizes and personalized colors to help ensure that their search results are easy to read and fit their specific needs. Another added feature of AddAll.com is the “Random quotes” option which randomly selects famous quotes to share with the website visitor. AddAll.com also accepts suggestions and requests for additional features as well as the addition of other bookstores to their search results, especially those carrying hard-to-find and out-of-print books. AddAll.com

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