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OurWorldOurStories.com – Tweeting For A Cause

  • September 1, 2009

OurWorldOurStories.comIn a world saturated with pointless Twitter apps and sites that are as useless as you can imagine, it is encouraging to come across one that serves a noble purpose such as Our World Our Stories. This Indian initiative has the following objective: if 100,000 followers are reached, a library full of educational books and aids will be created for the children supported by Project Why.

You might not have heard about Project Why, and a few words about it will not go amiss. Basically, it is a not-for-profit organization that has the aim of providing education support and the betterment of life conditions in slums, both for children and their families. This non-profit organization is based in New Dehli.

I find this initiative an excellent way of helping those who need it the most. And note that by following OWOS you can win prizes such as books and related materials. It is good to see the ones after this project have thought of ways of spicing the interest of internauts. I wish them all the best with this initiative, and I sincerely hope to see projects like this being established in the Western world.

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