More – Start Planning Your Next Visit To Ottawa

  • July 15, 2008

Ottawa.caAre you thinking in moving to the city of Ottawa, Canada? If you are then you might find this site very useful. In this site you will find almost everything concerning Ottawa and its residents.

Pictures of the beautiful landscapes and of the city are published in the site, as well as the latest news concerning the people of Ottawa. The site gives you the possibility of selecting the language of the site in order to understand everything it wants to transmit (English or French). Furthermore, there’s a section for the visitors where you can get information of the attractions in Ottawa and the coming events, as well as lodging information in order to start planning your visit. Articles with government’s projects, laws and career opportunities are available in the “city hall” section, and you can also have a look at the online services the site provides to the residents. Visit and get a clue of how beautiful this city is, and start planning your next visit!

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