Ossism.com – Living With Multiple Operating Systems

  • December 24, 2008

Ossism.comOssism is a new blog that adheres to a simple premise: enabling people to learn how to live with multiple operating systems. As the blogger himself (Mr.

Justin Wong) points out, this weblog is directed at people who are a bit at sea when it comes to any unfamiliar OS, or to put it in other words, anything but Windows.

As a result, the list of categories that you can consult touches upon items such as “Linux”, “Windows” and “OSX”. Moreover, a thorough collection of “How-to” articles and guides are included for you to learn the ropes easily. These deal with specific concerns such as “How to dual boot OS X Leopard 10.5.6 and Ubuntu 8.10”, and “How to access shared files on Leopard from Windows XP”.

Of course, you can also visualize the latest blog entries under the corresponding heading, and a search tool is included for you to focus your stay on any concrete aspect that interests you.

Lastly, a section entitled “Resources” gathers together links of interest. These direct to the OSx86 project page and the Tombuntu website, as well as the Ubuntu Administrator portal. That is, sites that will appeal to any person who finds the premise of the blog compelling. If that description fits you, chances are a visit to the Ossism blog will provide some food for thought.

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