Alcapones.com – Dinner with Capone and the Gang

  • June 28, 2012

Alcapones.com is the corporate website for Capone’s Dinner and Show, located in sunny Orlando, Florida. This retro dinner theatre restaurant features an evening show suitable for all ages. The story is set in 1930’s Prohibition Era, where Al Capone is the leader and head bootleg smuggler of the gang. Miss Jewel, Bunny-June, Fingers Salvatorio and the infamous Buggs Moran are all part of the colorful cast of dolls and gangsters. The show features several musical numbers and dance routines. Visitors may join in on the fun by dressing up in 1930s period costumes for the evening. Alcapones.com has an online gift store with some Prohibition Era costume items for sale, including hats, boas and fedoras. For dinner, the extensive Capone’s buffet features Italian and American favorites. Items like spaghetti, meatballs, lasagna, tossed salad, pot roast and roast turkey are on the menu. The unlimited drink menu includes alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages including wine, coffee, iced tea and juices.

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DaFoodie.com – Finding Out What & Where To Eat

  • February 17, 2010

DaFoodie.comDaFoodie is a service that will be of great help to people who are traveling somewhere and who are not really that acquainted with the different restaurants and venues available in their close vicinity. Essentially, the site will let them know what is available at each venue, and also provide them with the necessary directions.

The best thing might as well be the approach, since instead of having you key in your specific query the site offers you a collection of pictures to whet your appetite. When you come across one that is yummy enough it is a mere matter of clicking on it in order to learn more.

You can streamline the dishes that are presented by picking the type of food from the provided drop down menu, and the same goes for the place. There is no point coming across something that looks delicious if it is located at the other side of town.

Note that this system only covers Orlando for the time being, but it covers it from front to back. It will be interesting to see it eventually expand to other territories.

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This Is Orlando – OrlandoFloridaBlog.Blogspot.com

  • August 26, 2009

This Is OrlandoThis is an interesting blog that will give you the data you need in reference to the many activities you can find in Orlando, Florida. In essence, this could be the place where users can search for a wide assortment of interesting articles related to the latest news in Orlando with a variety of videos and quality pictures.

On this blog you are going to find Orlando’s top 20 best deals when it comes to staying at hotels, or going to restaurants, etc. If you want to learn more about what this city’s main attractions are, as well as other matters related to Orlando’s nightlife, or car rentals and much more feel free to give this blog a visit at Orlandofloridablog.blogspot.com and you will not regret it. This Is Orlando

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DWVacationHomes.com – Vacation Homes Near Disney World

  • April 23, 2009

DWVacationHomes.comThose who are looking for a Disney Word vacation home in either the Orlando or Kissimmee area will benefit from a site like this one. In general terms, the site has over 200 properties in said areas, and these come complete with a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.

The featured properties include three, four, five and six bedroom vacation homes near Disney World. All of the available homes come complete with private swimming pools, functional kitchens, and they are all located less than 15 minutes to Disney’s main entrance.

Every child must visit Disneyland at least once. It is one of these magical experiences that last a lifetime. I remember the day I went there as if it were today – it is such a vivid memory. A chance to show our little ones what the characters that filled our younger days were like is invaluable to me, and they will also have a chance to meet their latest idols and characters. If you want to learn more about arranging such an experience, you can start by checking this site out. A toll free number is likewise provided to these purposes.

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OrlandoHasCars.com – Buy and Sell Cars in Orlando

  • September 26, 2008

OrlandoHasCars.comOrlandoHasCars.com is an online auto classifieds site for the Central Florida area.

This site allows both, private sellers and local dealerships to list their vehicles on the site for a very reasonable fee. Area car shoppers can search the site for free and contact sellers right from OrlandoHasCars.com. OrlandoHasCars.com is the only live online auto classifieds site that meets the needs of area dealerships and private sellers. It is a locally-owned and operated site that is being run by Flops, Inc (a small mother-daughter internet consulting company). With the downturn of the economy, dealerships are decreasing their spending and seeking cost effective ways to reach out to the community. To this end, this site is there to be a vehicle of communication. If you live in the Orlando area and are looking to buy or sell a car, this site provides all the resources you need and makes the process easy for you. OrlandoHasCars.com

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SeeAndDo.com – Orlando Vacations Resources

  • July 30, 2008

SeeAndDo.comAre you planning an Orlando vacation? If that happens to be the case, a visit to the See & Do website is likely to provide you with some useful resources. Broadly speaking, See & Do is a travel agency that specializes in Orlando packages.

These are grouped together and described on its website. The featured packages go by self-explanatory names like “Disney”, “Universal”, “Family”, “Couples” and “Weekend Getaways”. Noteworthy packages are also spotlighted on the main page. Information on tickets is likewise provided, and major attractions such as Disney, SeaWorld and Universal are taken into consideration. Moreover, a section entitled “Last Minute” will be greatly appreciated by those who have to arrange the trip in a hurry. A toll free phone number is provided for additional convenience, whereas a list of frequently asked questions can be found under the “About Us” heading, and it stands as a further source of information. SeeAndDo.com

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UniversalOrlandoJobs.com – Universal Studios Jobs

  • July 28, 2008

UniversalOrlandoJobs.comWhat job on earth could be more fun than one at Universal Studios? If you enjoy fantasy and like to play like a kid, you probably like the Universal Studios Park in Orlando. Now, imagine for a minute you can work there every day, and be surrounded by the most famous movie’s characters and watch the children smile every day.

If you would like to join the team and be part of the great adventure, check out this site. On the main page of the web site there are three sections: friends, fun, and rewards. At the bottom of the webpage you will see different job types, such as: hourly positions, salaried positions, and entertainment roles. This latter includes: singers, dancers, actors, etc. If you like children and have some acting skills, you may be a good candidate and suit their required profile. You can search a job by park, resort, or other. UniversalOrlandoJobs.com

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SeralagoHotel.com – Seralago Hotel And Suites

  • July 25, 2008

SeralagoHotel.comThis is the website of the Seralago Hotel and Suites. Conveniently located in the Kissimmee area, it offers one of the best values in the area.

You can learn more about its 614 rooms and suites, and about its 2 heated and Olympic-style swimming pools. You can explore this hotel’s facilities and amenities by browsing the categories located at the top and at the left hand side of the homepage. These categories are: Reservation, Special and Packages, Accommodations, Dining, Meetings and Groups, Area Guide, Maps and Directions, Photo Gallery, Email Offers, and Request a Brochure. At the right hand side of the homepage you will find some drop down boxes to search for availability and make online reservations. You can sign up to receive email offers from the Seralago Hotel and Suites Main Gate East and stay up-to-date on hotel specials, attraction and area events, and other news about vacationing in the Orlando area. When you join their mailing list you will be entered for a chance to win a two-night stay at the hotel. SeralagoHotel.com

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OrlandoEscape.com – Orlando Information

  • July 19, 2008

OrlandoEscape.comOrlandoEscape.com is a site that provides you with all the information about Orlando that you need.

If you are planning to go on a vacation trip to orlando then this site could be of great help for you. The site is divided in different categories such as top 20 best deals: hotels, vacations, vacation homes, restaurants, dinner shows, golf, spas, shopping, car rentals, nightlife, events, transportation, timeshares, home rentals, attractions, tickets, attraction tickets, cheap tickets, airline deals, weather, real estate, ucf area hotles, gaylord pal,s, clarion waterpark hotel, hotel reservations; blogs & tips: orlando today, orlando blog, top 10 tips; orlando articles: post on our blog and recent orlando articles. If you are planning to visit orlando then you need to check out this site. So if you are interested in this information visit OrlandoEscape.com. OrlandoEscape.com

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AllAccessVacations.com – Vacations In Orlando

  • July 17, 2008

AllAccessVacations.comAre you considering an Orlando vacation in the foreseeable future? If that happens to be the case, you might be interested in what the All Access Vacations website has to offer. In general terms, the site acts as a travel planner that is solely devoted to the major Florida city.

A sizable part of the site deals with things to see and do in Orlando, and activities that no visitor should obviate are prominently highlighted. Information on Orlando’s famed theme parks is likewise included. Once you have browsed through these sections and made up your mind about what places are worth-visiting, you can start arranging the trip. The site itself lists a wide number of packages that will probably suit your needs, and a toll free phone number is featured for booking purposes. There is also a section named “Last Minute” that will come in very handy for those who have to arrange a trip at short notice. AllAccessVacations.com

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OrlandoVillas.com – Find Rentals In Orlando

  • July 8, 2008

OrlandoVillas.comAre you in the process of planning a vacation in Orlando? If that is indeed the case, you can always turn to online resources like the Orlando Villas website. Basically, the site acts as an online database of rentals and properties both in Orlando and the Gulf Coast.

Special emphasis is placed on privately owned villas; and in addition to that, it is possible to order Florida theme park tickets for Disney and Sea World along with tickets for attractions such as Universal Studios. Moreover, the visitor can get quotes for cheap flights to Florida, along with car hire information. The site also spotlights featured villas alongside late availability rentals on its main page, while a guide to attractions within the Sunshine State is provided as well. Further support is provided by means of the featured forums that make for live interaction with other individuals, whereas updates via RSS are available to those who wish to stay fully up-to-date on noteworthy rentals and special packages. OrlandoVillas.com

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BuschGardensAfrica.com – Worlds Of Discovery

  • July 4, 2008

BuschGardensAfrica.comBuschGardensAfrica.com is a site where you will be able to explore the magical, funny world of aquatic parks.

Before exploring the wonderful parks in person, in the site you will find the option of doing it online. The site will offer you a selection of the great deals and offers for you to enjoy a cool journey as well as cool savings. In the home page you will find the links for you to check out each and every park. You will find the Sea World Page; whether you are going to Orlando, San Diego, or San Antonio, you will find deals for all the possible destinations. You will also be able to check out the Aquatica Park, Discovery Cove, Busch Gardens both in Tampa Bay and Williamsburg, Adventure Island, Water Country, and Sesame Place. If you are thinking of going to a FL park, every time you click on the parks’ links, you will need to choose whether you are a Florida resident or a visitor. For more information, visit BuschGardensAfrica.com. BuschGardensAfrica.com

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Expresswayauthority.com – Orange County Road Maintance

  • July 1, 2008

Expresswayauthority.comDo you live in or around Orange County or Orlando in Florida in the United States? Are you a regular user of the roads or highways in this area of the country? If the answer is yes then maybe you have a complaint, enquiry or comment to make about the roads you use every day or the tolls you have to pay when you use the major roads? If the answer is yes, then there is a web site on the internet that you might like to take a look that may be able to give you the information you require. The web site can be found at the address of www.

expresswayauthority.com, this web site is the home of the Orlando and Orange County Expressway Authority who are responsible for construction, maintenance and operation of all the toll roads in the area. There web site is well designed and it is easy to access a wide range of information from the clear menu system. Expresswayauthority.com

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Orlando-Florida.net – Orlando Theme Park Tickets

  • June 3, 2008

Orlando-Florida.netAre you planning a fun family vacation? Are your kids begging you to take them to Disney World or Universal Studios? Why not save some money by purchasing the tickets beforehand? At Orlando-Florida.net you’ll find tickets to the most famous theme parks in Orlando.

Not only will you be able to find tickets at discount prices, you’ll also be able to book hotels, and full vacation packages. You won’t want to miss any of the fun that Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World have to offer. Make your vacation complete by getting tickets that will allow you to visit the coolest of theme parks. On this site you’ll find information on each of the parks so you’ll know exactly what to expect when you get there. There are plenty of things to see so browse the site and figure out what attractions are best suited to you and your family. Orlando-Florida.net

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VillaDirect.com – Start Planning Your Vacations

  • May 22, 2008

VillaDirect.comAre you thinking about your next vacation? Do you want to find Orlando vacation rentals? If that is so, VillaDirect.com could be of help. This company is specialized in vacation rentals in Orlando, near Disney World. By visiting this site you can search for Orlando vacation rentals by type of property and location, as well as car hires.

Villa Direct offers an online platform you can use to look for vacation rentals in Orlando near the Disney World park, as well as car rentals. In case you are interested in visiting this famous park, you could stop by VillaDirect.com to find a rental not far away from Disney World. Pay this site a visit to search for car hires.

Do you want to visit Disney World? Are you looking for Orlando vacation rentals? Feel free to visit VillaDirect.com to find what you need. On this site you can look for vacation rentals and car hires in Orlando. VillaDirect.com

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Sbrflorida.com – Summer Bay Resorts Online

  • May 14, 2008

Sbrflorida.comIf you wish to plan a pleasure trip to a top-notch resort, then the Summer Bays Resorts website will very likely be of great use. Found at Sbrflorida.

com, the site features vacation packages to destinations such as Orlando and Daytona, as well as including a cruise to the Bahamas. Each one of these destinations is covered in its pertinent page. In each case, there is a list of attractions, nightlife, and lodging information. In the case of Orlando, additional information is given covering golf, theme parks, water parks and other amenities. Of course, there is information on Disneyworld, which happens to be in the close proximity of the resort itself. The same applies to Universal Studios and Sea World. When it comes to Daytona, attractions like the Daytona Speedway, the Halifax Historical Museum, and the Marine Science Center are spotlighted. Lastly, available attractions at the Bahamas are also detailed, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing. Sbrflorida.com

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Ticket2orlando.com – Orlando Vacation Tickets

  • May 13, 2008

Ticket2orlando.comAre you looking to spend some great quality time with your family in Orlando, Florida? Do you want to take advantage of the city’s great tourist attractions to provide your family with some well deserved rest and relaxation? If so, you should visit Ticket2orlando.com.

On the site, you will be able to find great discount prices on anything form amusement park tickets to lodging. There are a variety of vacation packets offered through the site. This means you will have no problem finding the right vacation plan for you and your family. If you just want to visit Orlando’s world-famous attractions, you can find tickets for these on the site. Tickets for Disney, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld are available for you to purchase straight from the site. Check back often to find the latest vacation packages that are sure to help you save some money on your next family vacation. Ticket2orlando.com

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Ticketmomma.com – Resources For Traveling In Orlando

  • May 9, 2008

Ticketmomma.comTicket Momma is a company that offers travel packages to those wishing to visit Disney or other attractions that are located in Orlando. The company itself is partnered with rental car companies and hotels in Florida, and offers packages and benefits that people intending to visit the area are going to find very convenient.

The site itself is split into the following categories: “Ticket Discounts”, “Auto Rentals”, “Hotel Information”, “Theme Park Info”, and “Cruiseline Details”. Each section can be accessed via the pertinent menu and is arranged in a neat manner, in order to ensure that planning the trip will be hassle-free. As well as giving comprehensive hotel information, the site recommends Disney vacation homes, which result in a major saving for the traveler, specially over extended periods of time. Likewise, the site highlights the hottest deals available in the main page. A newsletter is also featured. Registration is inexpensive, and accomplished in no time at all by following the relevant link. Ticketmomma.com

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EtourAndTravel.com – Book Your Best Vacation

  • May 3, 2008

EtourAndTravel.comAre you planning to take a short break? Want to spend your vacations on a relaxing yet fun and entertaining place? If your answer is yes then you should check out this site. This is the official site for the Etour and Travel vacation agency.

Here you will be able to find the destinations that they offer which include orlando, new smyrna / daytona beach, and key west. They offer great packages for all their destinations so you should check them out and decide which one is the best for you and your family. What is more, they offer a section that is filled with things you should know and recommendations. For example, you must check in at every reception center and there you will get hotel vouchers and directions. The hours that are available for check in are between 10 am and 3 pm each day. It is important that you do it because if not then they will cancel your reservation. So if you want to spend some sunny vacations then you should check out this site. EtourAndTravel.com

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Goorlandocard.com – Orlando Savings Card

  • May 2, 2008

Goorlandocard.comIf you live in Orlando or are planning to visit this great city, you should check out Goorlandocard.com.

This site lets you purchase the Go Orlando Card. The card, gives you admission to over 50 of the most important attractions, activities, and tours in the City of Orlando. This is a great tool for tourists to get the most out of their visit to Orlando, Florida. You can customize your itinerary, so you know you will enjoy everything you paid for. If you have any questions about the card, you are likely to find the answer on this site, so read it carefully. The Hotel and Vacation Packages are great for all size families. Just find the right vacation package and itinerary for your vacation and enjoy the city of Orlando. Visit Goorlandocard.com regularly for the latest news and developments on the Go Orlando Card and get the most out of your vacation. Goorlandocard.com

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