MyersInternet.com – Web Solutions For Mortgagors

  • July 10, 2008

MyersInternet.comMyers International is a Milwaukee-incorporated enterprise that provides web hosting services and back office solutions to both mortgage originators and real estate agents. The company was started in the year 1995, and as of this date it has designed and implemented over 7,000 mortgage originators and real estate websites.

When listing the featured services, the site is subdivided accordingly. In both cases there is concrete information on the software that is used to design the website along with the supported features such as customizable e-mail auto-responders. The site also lists the current partners of the company, and a “Press Releases” section details information incumbent both to the general public and to investors. On the other hand, articles that have been published by Myers in financial journals are included for additional reference. Online support is provided in the corresponding section, and a toll free phone number is also featured to these ends. MyersInternet.com

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