TrailMonsters.com – The Outdoor Enthusiast’s Space

  • June 29, 2007

TrailMonsters.comTrail Monsters is an online community with the interests of the Outdoor Enthusiast in mind. If you’d like to be a part of a growing community of people who love the outdoors, take a moment to visit, register yourself and take a look around.

There’s lots to see and do, so take your time, meet some new friends, and make yourself at home. If you’d like to test drive the site, you can log on using the demo account (account details are listed on the main page). Trail Monsters has many of the same features you’re familiar with at MySpace plus: For those members who consider themselves “writers”, Trail Monsters has the “Writer”s Corner”. This area gives selected members the ability to submit stories and other written content for members to read. There’s also a “Resources” area which includes the following: a “Classified Ads” area where members can post ads of items for sale or general notices, a “Training and Endurance Log” where you can track your individual progress as you train for your next event, a “Documents” area where members can upload information they’ve found useful and would like to share with other members, and a “Directory” of Non-Profit Clubs, Organizations and Groups that members can add to or edit.

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