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  • June 13, 2011 has got all it takes to become the platform of choice for entrepreneurial dads. The site gathers together a series of tools and applications that will let them do their jobs as successfully as ever while spending time with their kids. will let them create and share calendars with their children, and search for local events they could attend together. Additionally, users of OMD are enabled to receive direct notifications and reminders whenever significant dates come around. That includes everything from doctor appointments and teacher conferences to soccer games and related events.

And a platform like is also great for the storing and sharing of media – both images and videos can be uploaded and subdivided into as many folders as the user wants.

Besides, dads who use OMD are provided with all the necessary tools for communicating with their children, no matter where they are located. They will actually be able to message their whole families, and let them know they are thinking about them when any assignment has got them stationed at the other end of the world.

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