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  • March 10, 2009

TheOfficialBoard.comSimply put it, The Official Board is a new online location where you can find the organizational charts of the largest corporations in the world today. The actual number is over 20, 000, and it includes giants such as Apple, Facebook, Areva, Siemens and many others that spring to mind when one think of industry heavy-hitters.

By becoming part of this system, you will be able to contact executives easily as the pertinent information can be found through the site. Of course, a comprehensive search tool is included and you can always visualize the most searched executives, companies and industries on the main page. It is possible to see the companies and executives that have been added more recently, too.

Moreover, you can sign up for free updates via e-mail alerts, and stay fully abreast of any modification in the organizational charts of any company you do business with.

All in all, the site presents itself as an interesting resource that can be termed a professional network making for executive contacts in an immediate setting. Pay it a visit if you are looking into sure ways to broaden your professional outreach.

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