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  • January 11, 2008

Critter-repellent.comIn times where environmentally-friendly products are more and more important, a company like is bound to become a killer startup.

Through their site, users can get hold of Shake Away, which is claimed to be the safe, easy, organic and guaranteed way to get rid of all garden and outdoor nuisances, like rabbits, squirrels, deers, raccoons and many others. The product is a natural mix of each of those animals’s predators urine, so what the product does is just to shoo away the nuisances as opposed to killing them. This repellent comes in shakers, so it is easy to apply and is innocuous for pets and children. At this site, users will be able to find product and company information along with ordering facilities. Unfortunately, there is no information on industrial needs. For instance, is their product recommendable for farmers or croppers?

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More – Shoppers Perspective Community

  • October 28, 2007

This is the Shoppers Perspective Community Website, where your opinion matters. Take a look at this site which works as an online community comprised of shoppers across America.

This site, on which people give voice to their opinions about grocery shopping and their experiences has a focus on organic and natural products. It is also possible to earn rewards which depend on the quality and quantity of your participation within this portal of the various surveys to which you will be invited to take a part of . But this online community and survey site only functions on a member basis and is only available for US residents. If you are considering joining this community but still can’t make up your mind, then visit the FAQ section available which may help you clear some doubts.

Find out more details and features by clicking on the link provided.

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