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You’d Give A Lung For A Media Campaign This Good

  • June 28, 2013

This is a truly amazing promotional campaign, not for its effectiveness, incredible results, and grand concept – though it impresses on all these fronts – but for its spirit. If it doesn’t move you, consult the nearest cardiologist immediately. This is a testament to the astonishing good that imaginative…

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  • June 17, 2008

ZLBPlasma.comAre you interested in donating to the poor? Are you interested in giving a helping hand to other people that need your help to survive? Are you constantly volunteering to help the community? If you have answered positively to any or all of these questions then we would like to thank you for your positive attitude towards life and the great attitude of giving. If you enjoy giving to other that are in need then you have to visit the website that invites you to give the important parts in life.

The website is is the official website of the ZLB Company, a company that is dedicated to receiving and distributing plasma and body parts to those in need. If you would like to donate your plasma or organs to anyone that is in need, you need to become a member of now. Learn more on how to give to people who are in great need of your blood, on

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More – A Community For Organ Donors

  • October 25, 2007 is a site that gives organ donors and individuals in need of a transplant the possibility to connect.

Both donors and recipients can become part of this community that helps recipients find the perfect donor. To sign up there are five steps, first you fill in general information, email, birthday, and whether or not you are a donor or recipient. The next step is choosing which organ you need. Then there is the option of uploading a photograph. The forth step is ore heath and medical information; your blood type, smoking and drinking habits, etc.. Then you activate your account. is about more than just organ donations, once you are a user you can upload photos, ad stories, chat with friends, search the site, and post ads. Your identity is anonymous, users only know you as your screen name so don’t worry about your privacy. If you are interested in taking organ donation a step above claiming to be an organ donor on your license, gives you the opportunity to take an active part in helping others continue to lead a healthy life.

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