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Buzz.research.yahoo.com – The Tech Buzz Game

  • July 3, 2007

Buzz.research.yahoo.comFor those of you who like to place wagers, or for those of you interested in the high-tech industry, Yahoo’s Buzz Game is the place to be. The Tech Buzz Game is like the stock market for technology.

Tech geeks can purchase stock in technological products and services while speculating who will flop. The markets featured in the game reflect companies, products, etc. on O’Reilly’s radar. Keep tabs on game winners and losers and see what the future of technology has in store. Once you’ve registered you’ll get a handsome sum of $10,000 dollars (play money, that is) to begin. Predict how popular technologies will behave. Buzz or popularity is measured by Yahoo Search frequency over time. Winners will foresee trends and invest in technologies that are undervalued relative to their potential. Of course this is all play, but you can get an idea of the future of technologies and contribute to the wisdom of the crowds.

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