Orda.org – Olympic Winter Games Facilities

  • June 2, 2008


D.A. stands for Olympic Regional Development Authority. This organization was created to manage the facilities that were created for the Olympic Winter Games in 1980. Their mission is to create a recreational environment, by providing high quality services and facilities. There are three main links at the site that will facilitate your search: “places to go”, “things to do”, and “events to see”. When you click on any of those categories, a list of all the possibilities will display at the left side of your screen. You can visit the Olympic museum, the Olympic jumping complex, or Gore Mountain; you can go mountain biking, you can ski and ride, practice figure skating or make nature treks. The site offers a “weather” link, where you can take a look at the weather forecast, so that you know what you will find before arriving. These places are designed for entertainment; visit this website if you want to find out where you can go to have fun. Orda.org

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