Weezic.com – Play With An Orchestra

  • March 18, 2011

Weezic.comWeezic is where any musician can fulfill his lifelong dream of playing live with an orchestra. Through this site, just anybody can have an orchestra playing along with him as he is playing his guitar, piano or whatever instrument he has mastered.

The site features sheet music and accompaniments for seminal musical works, and composers of the caliber or Bach, Chopin, Mahler, Mozart and Beethoven are all extensively featured on the Weezic database.

This database can be browsed both by composer and by work, and some of the latest additions are all highlighted on the homepage. Plus, The Weezic database can also be searched by instrument, so that if you are in the mood for playing something in a grandiose way but have no idea exactly what to play then that is not going to be a problem. Simply make it clear what is the instrument you are good at for a list of suitable recommendations to be produced.

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LAPhil.com – Los Angeles Philharmonic

  • July 17, 2008

LAPhil.comThis online site offers plenty of information related to the Los Angeles Philharmonic, its musicians, concerts and further information. It also includes lots of data about the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which hosts these incredible events.

You will obtain ticketing information where you will read about their box office locations and further data. In order to find out who will be performing in this concert hall, you can check the calendar posted in the site and learn about the great artists that will be playing here. Along with providing a complete presentation of the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the site offers detailed information about this philharmonic, its foundation, director and biographies of the several members present in this outstanding orchestra. If you are interested in this group you can also download the iTunes available in the site. Visit this online site and find out all there is to know related to the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. LAPhil.com

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Trans-Siberian.com – Trans Siberian Orchestra

  • March 29, 2008

Trans-Siberian.comThis is the official site of the Trans-Siberian orchestra. At the site you will be able to find information about the orchestra such as biographies of the band, composers and band formations.

What is more, you will be able to find current and past news posted by the band, online tour reviews and messages, audio and video sections and downloads as well. Moreover, at the site you can find a section that provides you with the story and lyrics from songs like christmas eve & other stories, the christmas attic, beethoven’s last night and the lost christmas eve. So now you not only get the chance to sing your favourite songs but you can also find out what inspired those lyrics. Also, you can buy their cds, listen to some of their tracks online and see the track list that each cd contains. In addition, you can also purchase official merchandise from the band such as t-shirts, hats, autographed canvases, programs and songbooks, music, apparel and posters. So if you like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra then you will like this site. Trans-Siberian.com

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Spac.org – Stagora Performing Arts Center

  • February 23, 2008

Spac.orgDo you love going to the opera? Do you adore watching a good ballet? Are you always seeking for an interesting concert to attend? Then you should visit the Stagora Performing Arts Center web page. On this site you will have the opportunity of taking a look at the event’s calendar and you will find out which of the upcoming events catches your attention.

Ballet dancers, concert players, opera singers, festival participants and orchestras are always performing on the center’s stages. On this web page you will get all the information you need to know about how to purchase their tickets, directions on how to get there, facility information and more stuff about the center. Other interesting data about the center and its history can also be found on this site. Visit this web page and start enjoying a more cultural life! Spac.org

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Guitarnoise.com – Guitar Lessons and Discussion

  • January 20, 2008

Guitarnoise.comGuitarnoise.com is a guitar education site featuring free online lessons, musician columns, and theory pointers.

All the lessons include music sheets and mp3 versions of the featured songs. The site can be searched by level of ability, through the tag cloud or by directly typing what you are looking for. Also worthy to take a look at are the reviews on equipment and accessories, like training books and DVDs, which you can buy from the site’s store. This site has only recently launched its blog at Guitarnoise.com/blog, where users can take a look at the webmasters submissions. There are several forums where guitar learners join to discuss and share the joys and sorrows of learning to play music. Guitarnoise.com

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Activemusician.com – Buy music instruments

  • December 9, 2007

Activemusician.comAs an eCommerce company focused on selling new music equipment, Activemusician.com is a valuable resource for pro and amateur musicians of all styles.

Although the site specializes in guitars of all brands and styles, in this store you will be able to find all traditional instruments, accessories, recording and studio equipment, music sheets, lighting gear and DJ equipment. The store prides in quick shipping times (two-three business days in the US) and provides free shipping for orders over $199. Additional features include free online guitar and bass lessons, plus pre-made kits for different levels of music playing. Activemusician.com

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