OrbApp.com – Manage Meeting Rooms With Ease

  • November 17, 2009

OrbApp.comOrbApp is a simple application that will let you manage your meeting rooms in a supple way, ensuring that never again will meetings collide one with each other owing to poor planning or misunderstandings of any kind.

This web-hosted app is certainly intuitive, as upon signing up you will be provided with a dashboard that will let you specify which room is being used and when.

You set down the start and the end time, and pick a name for the event itself. This not only bolsters efficacy but also reduces administrative costs.

The site is currently in public beta, and while that lasts it will be usable by everybody at no cost whatsoever. Monthly plans will eventually be set down, and organizations of all sizes are planned to be supported. One of the main differences is going to be the actual number of rooms that are supported. It will be interesting to see the maximum number of rooms which are taken into account for big companies, while it will also be interesting to see if a free plan is included.

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