OptimizerX.com – Find great offers on your medicines

  • October 9, 2007

OptimizerX.comOptimizerX.com is free website which purpose is to help the majority of patients reduce their rising costs for prescription medications.

Go to www.optimizerx.com type in the name of each branded prescription product you are looking after or select them from the categories this site provides you (Allergies, Asthma-Lung, Bladder-Prostate, Cholesterol, and much more). From there, OPTIMIZERx determines if there is an available savings offer for that product or, if not, any alternative products within that category that may offer savings. The amount of savings depends on the type of medication and available product offers. There are several ways to redeem offers, but most savings are received either at the point of sale or by way of rebate. Additionally, OPTIMIZERx also offers savings on over-the-counter medications and other healthcare products and services. OptimizerX.com

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