AppCod.es – App Store Optimization

  • March 14, 2012

AppCod.esASO. Remember that word. It stands for “App Store Optimization”, and I’ll eat my hat if it’s not a concept that becomes as popular as that of SEO. I mean, just think about the ever-increasing role that smartphones play in our lives. It’s only natural that more and more mobile apps will be released every year. And that’s why knowing how to make your application come on top of App Store search results is going to become indispensable.

That’s the mission of AppCod.es. For $14.95 per month, this company can tell you about which words you should be using when describing your apps so that more and more people find them. And it can tell you about that in real time. That’s what makes this service so interesting. The App Store itself tells you about how effective the words you have chosen are only when the app has been approved, and a full week has elapsed.

And AppCod.es makes staying ahead of your competitors a lot easier by letting you track the mentions they get, and the keywords they’re using themselves.

For now, AppCode.es is focused on Apple’s American store, but the service is going to be expanded if everything goes well.

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WebDesignSEOService.co.uk – Top SEO Services

  • January 24, 2012

WebDesignSEOService.co.ukA SEO company that’s based in London, Web Design SEO Service can help you have a site that all the people who look for the services you provide will surely find when doing an online search. These SEO experts won’t just make your site more visible, they’ll actually be getting it into the top 10 of Google or any other search engine for specific key word searches. It’s all done manually and (what’s every bit as important) legally. Your site will make it to the top search results in a 100% valid way. It’ll get there, and stay there, unchallenged. And more traffic can but mean just one thing at the end of the day: more sales.

Both on-page and off-page optimization services are provided by the company. The former include the creation of meta information for pages like titles, descriptions and key words, and internal hyper linking, keyword research and image optimization. And off-page optimization includes directory and article submissions, forum postings and press releases.

The company actually offers a “Top 10 or 100% Money Back Guarantee!”, so that you know the quality of what you’ll get if you go for its services.

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GoingUp.com – Web Stats At Your Fingertips

  • August 7, 2009

GoingUp.comEvery person who has a site thinks but about one thing: improving its traffic. In order to do so, it is crucial knowing exactly where it is lacking and which pages are actually resulting in more visits.

The application under review in this very instance will let you do that and more. It goes by the name of Going Up, and it gathers together SEO and analytics tools in the same package. These are accessed by way of a dashboard that is very intuitive and that will be instantly familiar to any person who has been running a site even for a short span of time.

Aspects such as the referring keywords can be analyzed along with traffic trends and search engine promotion, so that if you are considering launching a campaign (or have already launched one) you can project or measure its effectiveness that way.

A novel touch is that a rewards program is featured. That is, those who use GoingUp are rewarded points for doing so, and these can be redeemed for prizes and cash. That is a nice idea, and it might help it gain some additional traction.

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Marketing.Discount-Marketing.com – Discount Marketing

  • June 8, 2009

Marketing.Discount-Marketing.comLet’s say that you own a company that provides a service and you want to get the edge over your competitors. These are critical times and it is not very easy to find the right way to accomplish this goal without having to spend an important amount of money.

This site gives you the chance to get a free consultation to know how to achieve your targets, as well as a copy of the “10 Best Kept Marketing Secrets!” In this way you will be sure that you have quality information that has been proven to be successful to change the way in which many companies work.

Discount Marketing Corp is a service that is appealing to both clients and sellers due to the fact that it gives them the chance to get the most out of their money. You can get these radically advanced services for online marketing as well as off line.

No matter if you work on the website or graphic design field or any other commercial area, you will be benefited with the knowledge you need in order to make your business succeed.

Among the many other goals you will achieve on this site is the chance to learn how to pay lees to successfully advertise your products to increase your profits, by bringing new customers to your business.

Are you ready to learn more about this site? If your answer is yes, you can take a look at Marketing.discount-marketing.com

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Eucalyptus.com – Cloud Computing Made Easy

  • May 1, 2009

Eucalyptus.comThis site was created with the purpose to give users all the data they might be in the look for when it comes to getting high quality and special computing services.

This service is a good way to understand everything you need to know about the Cloud Computing technological solutions.

Eucalyptus can be defined as an open-source system, which gives users the possibility to put into practice on-premise private and hybrid clouds. They can do this, by the use of one of the most advanced and unique hardware and software infrastructures in the market.

This online resource gives you the chance to get many services related to end-user customization, in addition to self-service provisioning. In case you want to make use of this solution you will also be able to be benefited with its many features.

The site offers all the information you might need in order to know more about this system’s center virtualization features. In case you want to get a solution that makes IT customer service much easier, more fully featured, and less expensive this is the right site for y to stop by.

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SEOWorldClass.com – Improve Your Online Standing

  • April 19, 2009

SEOWorldClass.comSEOWorldClass.com is an online resource where users can find SEO marketing services.

Belonging to an Indian company based in Bhubaneswar, this website offers a variety of services that could be helpful for you in case you need to develop or improve your online business.

On this site you will find everything you might need in order to accomplish this goal and make the most out of your company. In addition to other benefits, Seoworldclass.com provides users with the possibility to improve their presence in search engine rankings. That is why you will be more likely to reach your targeted public, and increase your company’s productivity.

On the whole, this is a company that focuses in everything related to maximizing your business’ dynamics. There are many websites on the internet offering similar services but just few of them have highly specialized professionals working to give you the best services. If you want to find out if this is one of the professional sites, just take a look at it at Seoworldclass.com.

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CarrieBelt.com – Web Communication And More

  • April 5, 2009

CarrieBelt.comThis site belongs to a company called Carrie Belt & Associates, LLC. The company is based in Richmond, Virginia and it is owned by a very competent professional, working with web and freelance writers.

The company specializes in search engine optimisation. Among the many services you will get from this online resource you will be also able to find keyword rich SEO articles, in addition to Web site text that sells.

This company gives you the opportunity to improve your web site search engine ranking today with highly qualified writers and SEO specialists. In case you want to get good quality services this is a site you should take a look at.

On this online resource you will find a team of professionals that is very knowledgeable about SEO services, as well as the different ways it changes all the time. One of the good things about this company is the fact that since it works providing freelance services, it doesn’t work for a larger SEO firm. In this way you will be getting good services at low rates CarrieBelt.com

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CustomerMagnetism.com – Search Engine Positioning

  • March 10, 2009

CustomerMagnetism.comCustomerMagnetism.com is a very interesting site where you will find all the data you need about one of the top ten engine optimization firms in the United States.

This site provides a wide variety of information for you to know more about the Pay-Per Click services, in addition to other search engine optimization services.

In this way you will get a free website analysis, as well as a free custom tailored proposal for your website.

In case you are interested in anything related to different plans to generate qualified traffic and an improvement of your search engine rankings, this is the site where you will be able to do that.

Other services include SEO Training Classes and SEO for Shopping Charts. These courses will give you the possibility to know more about Google AdWords, as well as Analytics and Traffic Generating Strategies.

In addition to this, you will be able to use a database and a service that will change you ecommerce store into a search engine to actually make more money.

This is a good opportunity for you to take advantage of all these convenient services.


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Akamai.com – Powering A Better Internet

  • October 23, 2008

Akamai.comAkamai is a company which is known among internauts for the advances it has made towards “powering a better Internet”. The company is responsible for a digital operating environment of its own, along with solutions geared towards web application acceleration and performance management.

As it was to be expected, the corporate website provides a comprehensive overview of the solutions on offer alongside a list of key customers and an enumeration of the industries that Akamai serves as of this date. There is also a “Technology” subcategory which provides insight into the nuances of the solutions developed by the company, whereas a section entitled “Perspectives” is the place to go to inform oneself about the corporate outlook as regards current issues and market trends. Videos are available in that part of the site, too, and they cover topics such as “Learn how to optimize performance” and so forth.

From the site you can also read about Akamai’s recent foray in the world of behavioral advertising, and the accompanying product which goes by the name of Advertising Decision Solutions.

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ClickSprout.com – Website Promotion Tool

  • October 18, 2008

ClickSprout.comIn general terms, ClickSprout is a web-based service for promoting a site all over the Internet. This system works by placing relevant contents and links to a website through the Net.

This improves a site’s search engine ranking, as well as furthering visibility and redounding to more traffic.

The promotion itself is handled in the following manner: the user provides a description and a set of keywords and links which are then positioned across the Internet (keyword clouds, blogs, social networking sites and so on).

There are both a trial version available and a pro version which can be contracted. The latter is available at a set price per month, whereas the former will enable anybody to check this promotion system out with a limited-time and limited feature membership.

The site also has a “News” section where you can stay abreast of the most recent developments as regards this novel initiative and the updates and features which are planned.

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SEOintelligence.com – Search Marketing Made Simple

  • October 14, 2008

SEOintelligence.com provides marketers and site managers with a robust toolset for managing their search engine optimization efforts from one centralized location.

This solution stands as a cost-effective way of implementing a successful search marketing campaign, as the software provides the customer with insight as regards his site performance in any keyword category while offering link strategy recommendations.

As the site rightly points out, this solution caters for different sections of the public. Marketers benefit from having access to the same data search that professionals use without having to pay the same cost they have to pay, whereas agencies can provide their clients with search optimization services at just a fraction of the price. For its part, webmasters are given the tools for competing with already-established online giants.

Another aspect that merits mentioning is the featured SEOiQ algorithm, which can let you know how your site fares against the competition by displaying its current rank.

A “Free Trial” link is provided for you to try SEOi beforehand, while a product tour is also prominently featured and it can be taken anytime to have a better appreciation of the provided suite and its features.

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Seoxp.net – SEO Experts

  • October 8, 2008

Seoxp.netSEO Experts (seoxp.com) has proven itself as a professional search engine optimization firm.

They are dedicated to achieving results for SEO clients. The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to achieve higher rankings in the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo! SEO Experts will guide you on the path to capturing a whole new group of customers that are looking to the internet and search engines to find the businesses offering the products and services that they need. SEO Experts combines traditional search engine optimization techniques with unique and revolutionary web design strategies to prepare an online business for success with search engine marketing. This revolutionary approach to search engine positioning strategies focuses on proper web site design from the outset rather than simply treating an as-is web site’s ranking issues with rote search engine optimization methods, making SEO Experts a leading pioneer in the commercial web design and search engine optimization fields. Seoxp.net

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Smushit.com – Image Optimization Tool

  • October 1, 2008

Smushit.comDeveloped by Stoyan Stefanov and Nicole Sullivan, SmushIt is a service that aims to better existing image optimization applications such as Photoshop and Fireworks. This is accomplished by using routines that juice every byte of an exiting image file without changing the way it looks or the visual quality.

If you decide to use the system, you can do so in several ways. For instance, it is possible to procure a Firefox extension that will enable you to optimize the images you can find on the World Wide Web. This is accomplished by following the link that is supplied on the main page. On the other hand, you can provide the SmushIt team with a list of image URLs that interest you, and the company will take care of the image optimization process for you. It is also possible to upload the pictures directly for the consideration of the SmushIt team. Once the images have been optimized you will receive a ZIP file with the new images for you to use at your heart’s content.

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ContentAndMotion.com – SEO and Online PR Re-thunk

  • September 24, 2008

ContentAndMotion.comContent & Motion is a search engine optimization and public relations website. This firm aims to take their clients goals, great ideas, and puts it all together in a way to grab the target audience and influence them in the way that their clients need.

This company is here to help you target the people you need to persuade by creating appropriate content and optimizing it so that your company can get ahead and grab as many clients as possible. Content & Motion promises to turn your users into devotees and even groupies so that they keep coming back for more. The company excels at improving the overall optimization of your website, and even improving your page rank as a result. Good SEO is now a product of good content creation and optimization, and all that this entails. This twist of algorithmic fortune is good because it means the web will become a far richer place for users. This means that, in order to compete, companies now need to become micro publishers of great content – they need a company like Content & Motion. ContentAndMotion.com

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TagLift.com – Accurate Video Tagging

  • August 6, 2008

TagLift.comIf you are an advertiser working with the likes of YouTube, then you know that most of the times your ads don’t match the videos people are watching. Over at Taglift.

com, you’ll be able to find a company that specialises in coupling videos with the right tags. Once you hire the service, the site will do their best to match your ads with the right tags, widening your profit margins. The site’s service also works with social networking sites’ videos. If done right, the tag matching will allow you to reach the full potential of content specific advertising. The technology the site uses was developed using the most advanced algorithms, allowing for faster and better tag matching. The software automatically identifies the people who are being exposed to your ads. This information comes in handy when you are trying to work another advertising strategy. On the whole, the site should be very interesting to the many companies interested in getting the most out of their advertising campaign.

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Isubmit.com – Search Engine Optimization

  • June 10, 2008

Isubmit.comDo you have a website but it doesn’t rank in Google? Would you like to learn more about search engine optimization? If that is so, iSubmit.com could be a good option for you to consider. On this site you will be informed about SEO services designed to help you get your website ranked in the first places on Google searches.

Keep iSubmit.com in mind in case you are interested in hiring SEO services. This company offers a free trial of SEO services to let you know how useful they are. You can get all the details related to search engine optimization and keyword tools. If you want to get your site listed at the top of Google searches, iSubmit.com could be of help.

Are you interested in getting your site ranked in the first places on Google searches? Do you want to get more visitors? Feel free to stop by iSubmit.com and check their SEO services. Isubmit.com

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Hitbox.com – Online Business Optimization

  • May 28, 2008

Hitbox.comOver at Hitbox.com, you will find Omniture’s official website.

On the site, you will be able to read about the many services this company offers. They have a wide variety of business optimization features that will allow your business to grow steadily. There are many plans for all sizes of businesses, so you are sure to find one that works for you. The Education section has many resources and tips that will allow you to make your business grow quicker. The Web Analytics service will allow you to enhance your company’s online business sector in order to have it grow quicker. This is great for anyone that wants their business to expand into the internet. If you like what this company has to offer, you can contact them to find out more information. There is a toll free number you can dial in order to get in touch with an operator that will guide you through the service hiring process. Hitbox.com

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Trouble Driving Traffic

  • May 18, 2008

Our Way of Advertising!

Instead of trying to attack the big names in the industry we take a different route than they do. Take any large company, they pick the major keywords and go after them and bid CPC on Adwords for .

50 cents a click and have $1000 dollar a day budgets. Well that’s great for them but dose not work for the small business owner with a $300 dollar a month budget. So what we do is zone in on the less trafficked keywords with a better conversion rates and spread ourselves out across the web.

An example would be instead of going after sites with free shipping, we would go after shoe sites with free shipping.

Just adding that simple word shoe cuts the cost down a lot of CPC campaign and gives you traffic of customers looking for what you sell, shoes and free shipping.

Our Basic Package starts at $99 dollars for 3 Months or $39.99 a month and includes unlimited telephone and website support from us. Also includes a basic SEO or search engine optimization and assistance with basic advertising placement and choices. Click Here for more Info.

Our Advanced Package includes everything in the Basic Package Plus more for only $199.99 for 3 Months or 69.99 a month. An advanced SEO including generating new META TAGS for help with Yahoo.com page rankings, Advanced Ad placement and choices (Banner Ads on major sites like Yahoo, Google, AOL, ETC.) Free CPC or Cost Per Click monitoring (ADWORDS, Sponsored Results on Ask.com, ETC.) Click Here for more info.

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Shopmetrics.com – Mystery Shopping Software

  • May 2, 2008

Shopmetrics.comShopMetrics is a purveyor of what is known as “mystery shopping” software. Broadly speaking, this is software that makes for faster and more accurate data analysis, enhancing the data collection process.

The site includes a “Developer Resources” section which offers information and documentation about how to add custom-made features to the already-existing development platform created by ShopMetrics. These are available exclusively to certified developers. Customers can receive information on how to become a certified developer by contacting ShopMetric support hotline. Other services provided by the company include design and deployment of systems and solutions for the integration of data from disparate data sources, and process mapping, re-design, and re-engineering. Likewise, ShopMetric can handle the design and development of corporate Business Intelligence platforms if the customer requests it. What’s more, the company offers tools for auditors that result in data optimization, as well as training packages for auditors. These packages include basic web technologies and MobiAudit offline components among other features. Lastly, the site also invites individuals who have the corresponding skills to submit their resumes to ShopMetrics for consideration. Shopmetrics.com

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RubiconProject.com – Optimizing Your Ad Space

  • April 9, 2008

RubiconProject.comThe Rubicon Project is a newly launched ad platform which has the simple aim of raking in a plethora of cash for its clients. They match up ad networks and exchanges to your site, thus opening up further possibilities to expand your reach and amplify your conversion rates.

Their Rubicon Certified Inventory program is catered to make sure that publishers, both large and small, get targeted high quality sites running on their campaigns. Their smart technology matches only the best sites that work for you. Rubicon’s recently launched Certified Ad Space program ensures advertisers that their ads will reach the right audience, while websites get more visibility. The program includes hand selection of sites, safety and quality ratings, classifications and certified ad placement.

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