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4 Ways To Take The Gloom Out Of Doom Before Launch

4 Ways To Take The Gloom Out Of Doom Before Launch

Eternal optimism suits entrepreneurs well, giving them the courage and energy to pilot their ventures through the usual trials and tribulations of beginning a company. However, not all startups will make it. Everyone knows this. So if the odds are obvious, is there any harm in taking a moment to think…

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The Optimism Apps website can be reached at www.findingoptimism. com, and it plays host to a set of resources that aim to let anybody improve his mental health by applying what the site terms an “action plan”. This action plan involves using the provided apps in order to track your mental health as days go by while clearly visualizing what is working and what is bringing you down. In this way, you can have an understanding of which...

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Jimboland Jots is a social creative community that covers and generates material focused on the gay, freethinker, green, radical, and American progressive worldview. Building on the rise of American progressivism and the restoration of democratic values in the USA, this social creative community covers and generates material on all sorts of topics that are of interest to open minded individuals who look forward to change. The website...

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