OPMLWorkstation.com – Publish OPML Files Easily

  • October 6, 2008

The aptly–titled OPML Workstation website stands as a portal that enables anybody to create and host OPML files online, within a specific and private work area.

Upon setting your browser to OPMLWorkstation.

com, you will be greeted by the main navigation menu. Both “My Channels” and “Public Channels” boxes are prominently featured, whereas a “Compose New” heading to the left is joined by a “Special Tools” banner. The latter includes assorted tools such as a web capture application that enables the user to make bookmarklets specifically targeted to any of his existing channels. For its part, PowerPoint presentation can be converted in a more or less instant fashion by following the “Desktop Presentation Source” link.

Other editing options include a “Upload OPML Source” link and a “RSS feed or dynamic OPML source” that effectively cover out the different steps that someone in the process of creating and hosting OPML files will have to deal with sooner or later.

Finally, other sections of the site which can be accessed form the main page include a “My Profile” page, whereas both “My Team” and a “Member Directory” links are provided as well for easy access.

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xFruits.com – Compose Your Information System

  • June 3, 2007

xFruits.comxFruits is a mashup RSS feed creation tool to organize and manage your information systems online. So far, xFruits gives you a few tools they call “bricks” to enhance and simplify the composition of your online information systems.

The bricks they have developed thus far are Aggregator RSS, RSS to Web, RSS to Mobile, Post to RSS, RSS to PDF, RSS to Mail, RSS to OPML, OPML to Mobile, Mail to RSS, and… (horns sound) RSS to Voice! Take as many bricks as you like and start building your own feed-based service, then post a link on your website that features the latest RSS feeds of your choosing, post it in your blog or share the link with friends.

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