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  • March 31, 2009

YiID.comIn case you want to learn about something totally new when it comes to providing Internet IDs, this is a very interesting site you should take a look at. In this way Yiid.

com wants to unify your social identities.

This online resource was especially designed and developed in order to help you to build a social identity you can take with you on the web. This will be especially convenient when it comes to doing business. provides users with the opportunity to use a number of tools in order to create, as well as manipulate and exchange social information on the web.

This online resource can be defined as an open web project that supports every open standard, allows you to aggregate all your web life in one place, and take it away again whenever you want.

In addition to this includes Communipedia, a global wiki of social platforms where the members can write reviews. This is very convenient isn’t it? In case you are interested in this company’s services, you can take a look at the website in order to start enjoying from its many advantages.

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